Software Defined Radios

The Radiocommunications Systems Division of Rohde & Schwarz is one of the leading global suppliers of professional radio equipment and systems for use in fixed and mobile ground stations, on board ships and in aircraft.

Embassies, government authorities and armed forces around the world are the users of these radiocommunications solutions. Turnkey communications are our business. Whether ground-to-air VHF and UHF equipment for clear ATC communications on route and during approach, landing and take-off. Or shortwave radio for intercontinental routes.

The HF/VHF/UHF communications systems from Rohde & Schwarz represent a revolutionary change, both technically and economically. They include a wide range of equipment: basic radio systems (receivers, transmitters and transceivers) and useful options, accessories and auxiliary equipment. Excellent specifications, careful system engineering, proven quality and convincing logistics and serviceability as part of our philosophy characterize the following products.

Software Defined Radios

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