Special Applications of Network Analysers: Measurements of amplifiers and mixers

Short designation: TR122-3E RF Measurements


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The growing price pressure and the progressive integration - e.g. Radio Communications - requires the optimization of active and passive assemblies. This requires, aside from the determination of the linear S-parameters, also the determination of non-linear data for these frequency converting devices.

This seminar builds upon the introductory seminar for network analyzers and deals, in theory and in practice, with special measurement techniques of modern network analyzers that enable complicated measurements for amplifiers and mixers. These measurements can be carried out quickly, precisely and effectively with minimal operation of measurement devices.


  • Measurements of linear and non-linear parameters of amplifiers and mixers
    • Connection and monitoring of external generators and power meters
    • Measurement of the S parameter at active components
    • Stability
    • Gain
    • Degree of efficiency
    • Harmonic
    • Intermodulation products
    • Conversion loss and isolation
    • Group delay measurements at frequency converting devices
    • Power Calibration
    • Practical exercises

Target Group

  • Engineers from development, completion and quality control with prior knowledge of network analysers, as gained in course TR 122-1.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR122-3E: Special Applications of Network Analysers: Measurements of amplifiers and mixers: (on request.)
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