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  • Bias tee limits and calibration considerations

    I want to use the bias tee. Should I execute the calibration with a connected voltage source or not? What are the current limits?We recommend executing the calibration without a connected voltage source.This will prevent the current from a high supply voltage from exceeding the limits when connecting a short or load.Up to 300 mA, the results of the measurement will not be influenced when calibrated

  • Export complex data of a trace with mathematics and time gating

  • Calibrating a vector network analyzer (VNA) with different connectors on each port

    Do you have any solution for calibrating a vector network analyzer (VNA) with different connectors on each port?In my case, SMA and APC-7 connectors.To make a full two-port calibration with different connector types on each port, you use the UOSM calibration routine. U stands for Unknown Through.You need a calibration kit for the SMA, a calibration kit for the APC-7 and an adapter from the SMA to the

  • Can the option ZNB-B10 be installed in the field?

  • External generator connected via USB not correctly recognized

    I have connected an R&S signal generator via USB to the ZNB.When I execute 'Scan Instruments' in the ZNB 'External Generators' menu, the signal generator is found.When I add the device to the 'Configured Devices', the device has a question mark in the State column. It is not correctly recognizedand I cannot use this device in the Port Configuration.What shouldI do?The ZNB could not determine exactly

  • How do I calculate the logarithmic frequency steps for the horizontal axis?

  • Remote Desktop connection

    I'm trying to set up a Remote Desktop connection to my VNA using the following user name and passwordinstrument894129When I try to log on, I get the following message:What should I do now?Open the Windows Start menu on your VNA and open the menu items:Control Panel => System and Security => Allow remote accessYou will be asked for an Administrator login.Login as Administrator with password 894129Select

  • Installing a USB-GPIB adapter

    I want to connect an external device via GPIB. I have a USB-GPIB adapter from National Instruments.How can I install this adapter?Put the whole installation software from National Instruments, including the VISA, on a USB stick.Plug the USB stick into the ZNB/ZNC and start the installation program.When installation begins you will be asked for the administrator password of the ZNB/ZNC.This is:894129After

  • SCPI remote error message on the display

    How can we remove the SCPI remote error message from the display? The PRESET key does not resolve the issue.You can remove the error message from the display as follows:SETUP -> Remote Settings -> Show Errors (remove the checkmark)SETUP is the white button above the PRESET and HELP buttons.

  • Reverse sweep / backward sweep

    For my measurements I need a frequency sweep from higher to lower frequencies.How can I do this?To do this you need the K4 option.The K4 option allows you to create an arbitrary frequency conversion.Example:If you want to make an S11 from 8 GHz to 300 kHz you have to make the following settings: Preset Change to S11 Start frequency = 300 kHz, stop frequency = 8 GHz In the Port Configuration, change

  • Store several diagrams in one file and each diagram on its own page

    I have several diagrams and I want to store all diagrams in one file, but each diagram should have its own page.Also the setup information should be stored in the same file.You can do this with the following steps:- open the File menu- select Print- select- under 'Printer' you can choose the file format

  • License Keycode for VNAMUC is not accepted

    I received a License Keycode for the VNAMUC software. But the code is not accepted.The error message is: No valid license key has been inputFor the entry of the license key you need administrator rights on your computer. Then the license key is accepted.

  • Manage the preset conditions for ZNB network analyzer remotely

    Name Last Modified SizeZNB_Save_Setup-Set_as_User_Preset-Request_Preset_settings.vi Dec 14, 2020 23 kB

  • ZNB - print to file command does not work anymore

  • Automatically restart with return of the AC power

  • Save/recall files: own folder in 'Look In'

    When I want to save or recall a file, there is a 'Look in' field in the popup window.How can I change the path to my own folder?Open the Windows Explorer and simply drag and drop your folder from Windows Explorer directly into the "Look In" field.

  • Restore the Auto Logon Configuration

    Because of a LAN operation I changed the logon name. Now I have changed it back to 'instrument' but I still get a logon window for the password at every boot-up . How can I restore the normal auto logon configuration?In WINDOWS, please click START and RUN (opens 'regedit') and then OK.In the tree on the left-hand side, choose the following:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEthen softwarethen Microsoftthen WINDOWS NTthen

  • ZNB: Power off at sweep end possible?

    I use the ZNB to measure S21 of amplifiers. But these amplifiers are designed for pulsed operation only. They become damaged if they are driven with a CW signal.For the measurement I use the single sweep mode, but after end of the sweep the ZNB still applies a CW signal.It is necessary that the output of the ZNB goes off after sweep end. How can this be archieved?Unfortunately the setting for that

  • Usage of a ZNB as two tone signal generator

    I would like to use the ZNB as a signal generator. I need a CW signal on port 1 and port 3 with different frequencies. How can I get that?For that application the Option ZNB-K4 "Frequency Conversion" is necessaryAt first set the sweep mode of the ZNB to CW:Press "Sweep", select the folder "Sweep tpye"Tip on "CW Mode"In the attached screenshot you will find the settings of the port configuration, which

  • ZNA/ZNB: Export all mixed mode S-Parameters

    I have a device with 1 balanced input and 2 single ended outputs.How can I export all S-prameters incl. mixed mode S-Prameters to a readable file?After setup the mixed mode measurement make all S-parameters visible in one channel: Trace Config - Show all TracesNow you can export the S-parameters.Go toFile - Trace Data - ASCII...With the following settings you will export all S-parameters incl. mixed

  • Remote Desktop screen size of ZNB/ZND

  • The MINUS key on the keypad does not work

    The MINUS key on the keypad does not work. How can I solve this?The most probable reason is a wrong keyboard language.The most probable reason is the wrong keyboard language.It has to be "English US".You can check and change the setting on the control panel.Open the Windows menu (Windows flag key right above the PRESET key).Go to Region and Language to switch the language back to "English US" as shown

  • Improve the calibration procedure for different setups

    I have to perform a measurement with different settings (power, bandwidth, ...).If I use the microwave prober with an on-chip calibration substrate to perform a TOSM calibration, it would take a very long time because I have to reconnect all four standards for every setup.Is there a way to improve this?You can use a segmented sweep.Define one sweep segment for each setup. The frequency ranges of the

  • TRL calibration - middle of line or end of line

    I know from VNA of other companies that it is possible to select "middle of line" and "end of line" for the reference plan.Where is the reference plan of VNAs from Rohde & Schwarz?The reference plan is "middle of line", see attached drawing:

  • Remote control autocalibration with a calibration unit

    I want to make a remote controlled balanced measurement, including calibration with a calibration unit. Which commands do I have to use for the calibration?1) Measurement setupBefore you can initiate the calibration, you have to set up the balanced measurement. The R&S®ZNB/R&S®ZNBT should be in the state for measuring the device under test.The calibration unit should be connected via USB and RF cable

  • ZNB - several channels with external trigger

    We are doing measurements with more than one channel. How is the behaviour of the ZNB when an external trigger signal is used?Are the measurements of the channels be processed sequential with just one trigger signal?That depends from the trigger settings. For each channel the trigger can be configured seqerately.Here are two examples:CH1: Trigger is set to "External" with a delay of 500 msCH2: Trigger

  • ASCII export of displayed trace values

    I need to export my trace values directly in the indicated format, not as real/imag components.In the export dialog, check "Formatted Values". This will export the trace data in the format shown on the display.

  • Calibration of two channels simultaneously with remote commands

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