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  • Control & Monitoring Systems - Secure Communications

    Sophisticated software solutions for remote control and monitoring of Rohde & Schwarz radios.Setting of radio parameters and monitoring of Rohde & Schwarz radios can be accomplished with the Rohde & Schwarz control and monitoring system. The control and monitoring system is designed for scenarios ranging from individual locations to countrywide systems, allowing local and remote control from one or

  • Cellular network analysis

    Cellular network analysis solutions investigate commercial mobile radio networks over the air interface, determine spectrum and channel use, detect and locate mobile radio cells, evaluate radio frequency coverage and detect illegal transmitters.R&S®NESTOR Cellular network analysis softwareCell data acquisition in mobile networks for public authority tasks Automatic Channel Detection (ACD) Cell Position

  • Wireless Communications Testers & Systems - Test & Measurement

    Wireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol testers, conformance and preconformance testers and systems.To keep the backbone of mobile communications running, powerful mobile networks and mobile devices are needed.Rohde & Schwarz offers a full portfolio of wireless communication testers and systems for the complex measurements involved. The multistandard, modular and highly flexible wireless

  • Microwave imaging

    Microwave imaging Microwave Imaging Microwave imaging The R&S®QPS is a state-of-the-art millimeterwave security scanner that automatically detects potentially dangerous items carried on the body or in clothing. The scanner can be used for airport security checks, security at public events with a high threat potential and access control at security-related facilities. The R&S®QAR offers the ideal way

  • Probes for oscilloscopes

    Probes for oscilloscopes Probe innovation. Measurement confidence. Digital Oscilloscopes Rohde & Schwarz probes for oscilloscopes High quality active and passive probes for oscilloscopes Test applications for oscilloscopes range from debugging complex electronic circuits to measuring the signal integrity of high-speed bus signals and characterizing power electronics with dangerous voltage levels. Measurement

  • EMC & Field Strength Test Solution - Test & Measurement

    EMS and EMI test solutions from the world market leaderRohde & Schwarz offers an exceptional range of EMC and field strength test equipment, from standalone instruments to customized turnkey test chambers.The EMI and EMS test instruments and systems determine the causes and effects of electromagnetic interference and ensure compliance with the relevant EMC standard. The EMC test solutions support all

  • Cybersecurity Product overview

    Secure networksTap-proof communicationsEndpoint security andtrusted managementNetwork analysis

  • Bluetooth(TM) Product Overview

    Bluetooth(TM) Product Overview Brochures and Data Sheets Flyer WorkingonBluetooth ™solutions? Findacompletetoolboxinside! BT-Einhefter_Norm.03.08.01 13.08.2001 15:09 Uhr Seite 1 Signal and spectrum analysis with FSP (incl. option FS-K7) • Ideal for development and production of Bluetooth modules • Spectrum measurements such as output power, power density/control, Tx output spectrum • AM/FM demodulator

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  • Cybersecurity Products overview

    Cybersecurity Products overview Cybersecurity products Cybersecurity Products overview Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity protects companies and public institutions around the globe against cyberattacks, manipulation and espionage. We develop and produce state of the art solutions for network, application, and enpoint security as well as solutions for traffic analytics. Our awarded hardware and software

  • Broadcast and media products

    Broadcast and media products Broadcast and media products from Rohde & Schwarz Supporting you today. And for the future. Broadcast and media products | Rohde & Schwarz Rohde & Schwarz products are built to meet your current business needs, and are ready for your future needs. Rohde & Schwarz products incorporate excellence in engineering and are designed with our customers’ performance in mind. With

Results 21 - 30 of 10706
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