Automotive connectivity vehicle to everything V2X

Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X, 802.11p)

Testing network-based (Uu interface) connectivity and direct communication (PC5 interface)

Enhanced comfort in vehicles with sophisticated entertainment and safety-related applications drive the evolution of the automotive technology. With the fast progression of Cellular-V2X communication from LTE to 5G NR, the automotive industry faces new opportunities for ultra-low latency and highly reliable vehicle connectivity, one of the key enablers for the fully autonomous vehicles.

Another technology to improve safety and to enabled traffic participants and roadside units to directly exchange important information with each other is the PC5 direct communication, not only cellular network-based connectivity (Uu interface). Other communication paths like the "sidelink" that have been introduced in 3GPP Release 14 specifications offer new connectivity Cellular-V2X scenarios to enhance road safety and traffic flow.

Cellular network and C-V2X testing is required throughout all research and development and production phases. Innovative solutions are required by the automotive industry, to ensure safer mobility of the future.

Rohde & Schwarz offers proven 5G network and Cellular-V2X test and measurement solutions, valuable tools for the these unique challenges.

Your challenges in V2X testing

5G offers new possibilities, with the support for ultra-low latency and highly reliable vehicle connectivity, it can speed up the implementation of fully autonomous vehicles.

Reliability and accuracy: OEMs, as well as their suppliers, must ensure a reliable V2X connectivity for both network-based (Uu interface) communication as well as peer-to-peer data transmissions between traffic participants through PC5 direct communication. High reliability is required around the clock, even under the worst conditions of low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), poor error vector magnitude or heavy network fading, while obtaining the most accurate GNSS positioning.

Interoperability: In-vehicle technologies must seamlessly work together. This is key to enable innovative digital mobility and new road safety applications. Comprehensive testing and conformity assessment is of great importance, especially for research and development processes that need to be fast and efficient.

Global conformance and certification: The mobile communication solutions for the automotive connectivity have to meet various global standards from IEEE802.11p, GCF, ITS and 3GPP releases, in different regional and global ecosystems. Innovative test solutions offer support in meeting those standards.

The road to 5G in automotive
The road to 5G in automotive
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The benefits of using Rohde & Schwarz solutions

Future-proof benchmarking connectivity test solutions for LTE/5G networks (Uu interface), C-V2X (PC5 interface) as well as 3GPP and GCF conformance tests.

  • Reduced risks by verifying functionality and performance of C-V2X devices with proven test solutions
  • Time-saving and reliable automated compliance tests meeting all global standards (3GPP, GCF, CAICT China)
  • Flexibility in one platform from C-V2X to 802.11p with the best technical support in the industry
  • Powerful and reliable C-V2X wireless simulation tools combined with an easy-to-use GUI
  • Reliable testing of complex scenarios in a lab environment
  • Verification of 5G devices under extreme automotive conditions in a lab environment

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R&S®CMW500 PT + SMBV 100B + CANoe .CAR2x

Test solutions for research and development:

Cellular-V2X end-to-end application layer test solution based on the R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester and the R&S®SMBV100B GNSS simulator in combination with the Vector CANoe.Car2x software tool simulating, developing and testing V2X based communication applications.

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R&S®CMW500 + SMBV100A/B

Test solutions for protocol and conformance tests:

This combination allows for a highly efficient LTE-based PC5 protocol communication testing, including data transmission and reception, as well as performance testing (fading) meeting the GCF protocol conformance of work items 281 (V2V) and 282 (V2X).

Product information

R&S®CMW100 communications manufacturing test set

Test solution for production:

Highly-efficient production testing for a frequency range up to 6 GHz with more than 160 MHz bandwidth and the highest accuracy for testing up to 8 RF ports in parallel.

Product information

R&S TS-ITS100 conformance testing of IEEE 802.11p signals

Integrated test system for verifying IEEE 802.11p conformity of user equipment. All IEEE 802.11p capable user equipment must demonstrate conformity with the applicable regional standards in the frequency ranges it covers.

Product information

DC Power supplies for versatile automotive test applications

From R&D laboratory to production test system the highly versatile, yet compact designed R&S power supplies portfolio from basic bench model to modular high-performance product will power your tests.

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Reiner Stuhlfauth

Reiner Stuhlfauth, Technology manager wireless, Rohde & Schwarz

“The evolution from LTE-V to 5G NR in release 15/16 will open new possibilities for network-based (Uu interface) and direct communication (PC5 interface) between traffic participants. Rohde & Schwarz has proven its competency with sophisticated test solutions for 5G networks and devices."

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Cellular V2X testing in R&D and production

Cellular V2X testing in R&D and production

Cost and time saving C-V2X scenario simulation with the evolution of the C-V2X framework of the Rohde & Schwarz hardware with CANoe.car2x and dyna4 virtual test tools it is now possible to simulate traffic jam scenarios.

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Webinar-teaser: The road to 5G in Automotive connectivity

Webinar: The road to 5G in the automotive connectivity

Can 5G keep its promises for a better transportation system of the future?

With this webinar, you can explore the evolution of network-based (Uu interface) connectivity as well as the direct (non-network-based) V2V/V2X communication and the PC5 interface and related challenges.

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Webinar: Testing C-V2X side link communication

In this webinar you will learn how to test C-V2X devices in a lab setting and see required test instrumentation in action.

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Webinar: Cellular-V2X testing and 5G Applications for Automotive Use Cases

5G communication is going to bring ultra-reliable, low latency with far higher data-rates and faster connectivity into daily traffic. In this webinar you can learn basic and effective ways of testing 5G components and applications of exemplary automotive use cases.

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Webinar: V2X – the building blocks of an intelligent transportations system

Get the basics on V2X connectivity, the building blocks for V2X, the market requirements and the use-cases based on 802.11p wireless standards and LTE-based technologies. Discuss the developments related to autonomous driving and of each key regions.

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5G is now video series

In our video series, the authors of the 5G NR book take a closer look at all aspects of the technology, discuss challenges and solutions and demonstrate test and measurement examples.

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News video from China: C-V2X Day 2 use cases

News video from China: C-V2X Day 2 Use Cases

China is a lead country in the development and adoption of C-V2X and the rest of the world is watching closely. This video provides up-to-date information on the C-V2X standard and market in China as well as highlighting test solutions including contributions from leading organizations CSAE and CATARC.

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News video from China: C-V2X conformance tests at CAICT

News video from China: C-V2X conformance tests at CAICT

Watch this video from our local Application Engineer Mike Xiao who examines the C-V2X protocol stack and the associated test standards. See how the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT) conducts certification tests using test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Application note: C-V2X scenario simulation with the CMW500 radio communication tester

Verifying C-V2X system functionality and performance by field testing can be time-consuming, costly and very challenging. Using a mobile communication tester together with a scenario simulation tool delivers reliable test results essential for the standardization of C-V2X verification processes and helps to demonstrate end-to-endfunctionality between two C-V2X devices.

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Poster: How C-V2X makes driving safer and more efficient

Download or order this poster to get a comprehensive overview of applications enabled by C-V2X; including example scenarios, an explanation of the different types of communications and a list of regional standards bodies.

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White paper: Wireless communication for automotive

Today’s and future’s intelligent transportation systems must support communication technologies ranging from network-based V2N to direct communication V2X. In this white paper, Rohde & Schwarz experts examine relevant use cases, network-based communication technologies (LTE, 5G), direct communication technologies (DSRC, LTE-V2X, 5G NR-V2X) and present leading-edge test and measurement solutions for guaranteed success.

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Application card: Verify and reproduce C-V2X traffic scenarios in the lab

Comprehensive, easy-to-operate one-stop shop test solution for creating and simulating detailed traffic situations and verifying cellular V2X (C-V2X) connectivity.

Create and simulate detailed traffic scenarios (such as: EEBL, LTA, IMA and highway with multiple cars) for the verification of cellular C-V2X connectivity using a comprehensive and easy to operate one-stop shop test solution.

More information

Fact sheet: : Cellular V2X end-to-end application layer test

Learn more about:

  • The verification of safety-critical scenarios in the lab
  • Simulation of reliable, repeatable, safety-critical end-to-end V2X scenarios
  • Testing the complete stack
  • Having a test system with multiple options for automotive bus connectivity

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White paper: Introduction to V2X communication services in 3GPP release 14

Understand the basics on C-ITS use cases and applications, the related system architecture and get a deep dive into the LTE based V2X protocol stack for out-of-coverage communication and synchronization. Get an insight into the physical resources and their assignment as well as the medium access control layer (MAC).

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Application note: Intelligent transportation systems using the IEEE 802.11p

This application note provides an overview of the ITS (intelligent transportations system) and its wireless V2N communication 802.11p PHY, as well as providing the basics on testing components and devices.

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Is 5G a revolution?

Register now for our new 5G New Radio digital book to get a comprehensive answer to this question. Gain insights into the fundamentals, procedures and testing aspects of 5G NR.


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