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GNSS Test Solutions

Bring satellites into your lab

GNSS simulators from the T&M expert

Your challenge

GNSS receiver tests can only be conclusive when they are performed under realistic conditions.

A complete GNSS simulation must therefore include proper simulation of the satellite orbits, the signal propagation characteristics, the characteristics of the receive antenna and the receiver environment. Realistic modeling of user movement taking into consideration vehicle attitude is also part of this simulation process. Generation of interfering signals may also be of interest to set up a simulation environment that is close to reality.

Our solutions

With GNSS test solutions from R&S, your GNSS simulations are as realistic as possible and can be performed under well-defined and controlled conditions. All GNSS scenarios are fully customizable and repeatable. R&S offers a variety of different GNSS test solutions:

  • GNSS waveforms for basic receiver testing
  • GNSS production tester (R&S®SMBV-P101)
  • GNSS constellation simulator for single-frequency receiver characterization (R&S®SMBV100A)
  • High-end GNSS constellation simulator for sophisticated multi-constellation, multi-frequency, multi-antenna and multi-vehicle testing (R&S®SMW200A)
 R&S®SMW200A | Vector Signal Generator für powerful GNSS Test Solutions
 R&S®SMW200A | Vector Signal Generator für powerful GNSS Test Solutions

R&S®SMW200A | Vector Signal Generator für powerful GNSS Test Solutions

Advanced multi-frequency GNSS testing with the R&S®SMW200A

When it comes to advanced, complex and demanding GNSS test tasks, the R&S®SMW200A is the tool of choice. It can be used to generate GNSS signals and other signals at the same time or be operated as a pure GNSS constellation simulator. With its powerful simulation capabilities and hardware extension options, the R&S®SMW200A meets all important requirements for high-end GNSS testing.

  • Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS scenarios
  • Multiple RF outputs for multi-antenna and multi-vehicle simulations
  • GNSS signals plus up to 7 interferers for complex coexistence scenarios
  • Static and dynamic GNSS scenarios
  • User-friendly simulation configuration, monitoring and interactive control capabilities

Application areas

  • Multi-constellation/multi-frequency applications
  • Multi-antenna applications
  • Multi-vehicle applications
  • Advanced interference simulations

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