R&S®FSL-K14 Spectrogram Measurements

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The R&S®FSL-K14 option adds a spectogram display and trace recording to the R&S®FSL.


The R&S®FSL-K14 option adds a spectrogram display and trace recording to the R&S®FSL. The spectrogram view gives a history of the spectrum and helps to analyze intermittent problems or variations in frequency and level versus time. It also adds a new trigger capability: a time trigger that allows recording a trace at regular time intervals.

The R&S®FSL-K14 is also available for the R&S®ZVL Vector Network Analyzer (with the R&S®ZVL-K1 spectrum analysis option).

Important functions and features of the R&S®FSL-K14:

  • Recording of up to 20,000 traces:
    approx. 5.5 hours of continuous monitoring with repetition interval of 1 s
  • Time trigger, repetition interval of 100 ms to 5000 s:
    for unattended, continuous monitoring
  • Scrolling through recorded traces by means of markers:
    for replay and repeated analysis of recorded data
  • Three color schemes for waterfall display (color, RADAR, gray):
    for adapting colors to visibility requirements and customer preference
  • Time stamp:
    for adding a time mark to each trace for time correlation
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