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Established in Australia 40 years ago, the local subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz continues to provide the latest innovative equipment and expertise to customers in the fields of wireless communications and RF test and measurement, broadcast and media, aerospace and defence, cybersecurity and network technology. R&S Australia has also achieved considerable success providing integrated communications solutions to the Australian Defence Force. The local service centre supports customers in Australia and New Zealand, offering comprehensive calibration and repair service throughout all phases of the product lifecycle.

Our success stories


You’ll see Rohde & Schwarz Australia at all the major aerospace & defence, electronics, and media & broadcast tradeshows in Australia and New Zealand.


In 2014 Rohde & Schwarz Australia integrated a BLOS and LOS (VHF and VUHF) solution for external communications into the Royal Australian Navy’s three Hobart-class guided missile destroyers. Antennae and a communications shipset featuring 21 racks of equipment were fitted to each ship.


In 2008 as prime and systems integrator Rohde & Schwarz Australia delivered three Transportable Air Operations Towers (TAOTs) to the Royal Australian Air Force to support deployed forces in remote parts of Australia.


Rohde & Schwarz Australia has supplied its Naval Integrated Communications System (NAVICS) featuring multi-layer security and secure external line of sight (V/UHF) and beyond line of sight communications (HF) to the Royal Australian Navy’s 6 evolved Cape-class patrol boats being delivered from late 2021.


A Royal Australian Air Force Transportable Air Operations Tower leaving the Rohde & Schwarz Australia Systems Integration Facility following a mid-life upgrade in 2021.


The local service centre in Sydney supports customers in Australia, offering comprehensive calibration and repair service throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. We also have a partner in New Zealand certified to Rohde & Schwarz’s gold standard for calibrations and repairs.


Rohde & Schwarz Australia supports air navigation service providers throughout the Asia Pacific, providing the latest in voice-over-IP air traffic control radios and service solutions.


In 2022 Rohde & Schwarz Australia was selected to design and manufacture an integrated communications system for the Royal Australian Navy Hunter Class Frigate Program

Local News

Rohde & Schwarz and Airways achieve key milestone on path to modernise New Zealand’s air traffic management infrastructure

Site acceptance testing for delivering communications systems to the Auckland and Christchurch ATC centers, has been successfully completed. This paves the way for Rohde & Schwarz Australia to deliver further upgrades to the New Zealand ATC system as part of subsequent stage work.

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Rohde & Schwarz on board as Hunter Class Frigate Communication Systems Integrator

Rohde & Schwarz Australia has signed a contract with BAE Systems Australia’s maritime division for the early design of an integrated communications system for the Royal Australian Navy Hunter Class Frigate Program.

Artist's impression of Australian Hunter Class Frigate
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Artist's impression of Australian Hunter Class Frigate

Rohde & Schwarz raises the bar on delivery of fully integrated communications to RAN

The Delivery of the first Enhanced Cape Class Patrol Boat (ECCPB) to the Royal Australian Navy by Austal marks an important achievement for Communication Systems Integrator Rohde & Schwarz Australia.

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Rohde & Schwarz extends RAAF deployed air operations capability into the future

Rohde & Schwarz Australia is completing mid-life upgrades to the Royal Australian Air Force’s Transportable Air Operations Towers with latest IP technology, ensuring the air force has the latest technology to support deployed operations in defense of Australia for years to come.

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Rohde & Schwarz systems design and radio integration for Australia’s air traffic control network

Rohde & Schwarz Australia to provide design services for modernization of the nationwide VHF radio network with their latest version of voice-over-IP VHF air traffic control radios.

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Optus to deliver optimal 5G quality of experience with mobile network testing solution

Optus has chosen to continue their mobile network benchmarking efforts with test equipment from Rohde & Schwarz. Through a competitive tender, Rohde & Schwarz has been selected by Optus to replace the existing 4G systems and to provide multiple 5G mobile benchmarking systems. These will measure end-to-end performance of mobile networks, in voice, video and data modes as well as for signal coverage. These measurements will enable continuous improvement by Optus to the quality of experience seen by their subscribers.

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External communications for RAN AORs

Rohde & Schwarz contracted by Navantia to provide secure communications for Royal Australian Navy (RAN) auxiliary oiler and replenishment ships (AOR).

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Cape class patrol boats with naval communications

Clear commitment by Austal and the Australian Government to strengthen the Cape class with class leading internal and external communication solutions by Rohde & Schwarz

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Rohde & Schwarz upgrades RAAF Air-Ground-Air voice link

Rohde & Schwarz contracted for CERTIUM Radios, CERTIUM VCS-4G voice communications system, and CERTIUM management systems 12 Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) ATC facilities.

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Rohde & Schwarz teams with Babcock Australasia down under

Rohde & Schwarz was selected by Babcock Australasia to provide high frequency (HF) radios and high power amplifiers with HF wideband capability for the New Zealand Defence Force.

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Rohde & Schwarz equipping the Royal Navy’s Type 26 with integrated communications system

At DSEI, Rohde & Schwarz sets focus on Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

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