Antenna fundamentals and measurements

Short designation: TR234-1E Antennas


on request
on request
Bernd Schincke


Antennas play a significant role in communications and monitoring as well as in field-strength measurements; this seminar will therefore explain antenna fundamentals and provide examples. An introduction to antenna measurements complements the contents of this seminar.


  • Physical basics, theory
  • Wave propagation
  • Antenna parameters: directional patterns, gain, efficiency, K factor, etc
  • Operating principles of the most important types of antennas
  • Operating principles of active antennas and their applications
  • VSWR measurements on antennas

Target Group

  • Engineers and technicians at manufacturers and operators of radio networks, broadcasting/TV stations, government authorities as well as users in the police and military sectors; plus R&D, design and test shop engineers and technicians at manufacturers/importers of electrical and electronic systems and equipment.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location : Munich
  • Language : English

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TR234-1E: Antenna fundamentals and measurements: (on request)
on request

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