Mobile communication

Mobile Communication : From 4G to 5G

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Language English
Trainer Lothar Walther
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Short designation TR108-19E


LTE / LTE-A (4G) has been the fasted implemented new mobile communication technology to date. Even though LTE R12 is not mainstream in the networks today and R13 is currently being standardized the search for “whatever comes after LTE” – already termed 5G – is heavily underway.

After a wrap-up of LTE, this course discusses why LTE is not suited for the envisaged use cases of 5G. Assuming the 5G use cases, possible requirements can already be formulated and the consequences illustrated. An overview of current research activities is given with a status on possible new air interface candidates.


  • LTE Parameters
    • Frequency bands
    • Symbol duration - Cyclicprefix
    • Latency
    • Orthogonality / synchronism
    • R11/12/13 overview
  • 5G Research activities / groups
  • Possible 5G Use Cases
  • Resulting requirements for new generation
  • Why LTE cannot fulfill these requirements
  • The ingredients of 5G
    • ultra-densification
    • mmWave
    • massive MIMO
  • Possible new air interface candidates

Target Group

  • Engineers, technicians and managers interested in the latest advances in mobile communications.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location : Munich
  • Language : English