R&S®TS7121 Shielded RF Test Boxes

Reliable RF tests on devices with radio interface

Base Unit
  • R&S®TS-F21AGB Order No. 1506.9000.02
    GSM, CDMA2000®, WCDMA- + Bluetooth® Antenna Coupler

    with absorber for R&S®TS7121

  • R&S®TS-F2x-G Order No. 1506.9017.04
    GSM, CDMA2000®, WCDMA Antenna Coupler

  • R&S®TS-F2x-B2 Order No. 1506.9046.02
    Bluetooth® Antenna Coupler with bracket

  • R&S®TS-F2x-I4 Order No. 1506.9030.02
    ISM Wideband Antenna Coupler (315 MHz, 434 MHz, 850 bis 950 MHz)

  • R&S®TS-F21ABS Order No. 1506.9100.02
    Absorber Kit

    for R&S®TS7121

  • R&S®TS-F21FU2 Order No. 1506.9181.02
    USB 2.0 Feedthrough Filter with exchangeable connector

    for R&S®TS7121

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