KuppingerCole report on R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization

KuppingerCole report about R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization

Enterprises around the world are facing data security and data protection challenges in their business processes with the arise of modern collaboration and data exchange platforms like Microsoft® SharePoint™ Online. KuppingerCole analysts have acknowledged the unique approach Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity has chosen for data-centric security to meet these data protection and data security needs.

KuppingerCole experts recommend considering R&S®Trusted Gate when evaluating cloud-hosted document collaboration solutions. In KuppingerCole's Executive View, you will learn that

  • In the area of data-centric security, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is offering a broad portfolio of security solutions to address the issue of compliance with a variety of national and regional regulatory requirements.
  • R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization is designed to transparently leverage the benefit of collaboration platforms (with the current product focus on Microsoft® Office 365™ and Microsoft® SharePoint™) and public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft® Azure™).
  • R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization helps your business achieving compliance with all national and regional regulatory requirements, while enabling secure document exchange and communication.