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  • Revista de notícias Nº. 216 - 216/3Artigos desta edição por sessãoOutras questões 2018220 - 2018/2219 - 2018/1 2017218 - 2017/2217 - 2017/1 2016216 - 2016/3215 - 2016/2214 - 2016/1

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  • Security through technology

    Revista de notícias Nº. 216 - 2016/3Security through technologyA new body scanner ensures greater airport security without compromising passenger convenience.English (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) Artigos desta edição por sessão WirelessR&S®SMW200A vector signal generator: testing WLAN 802.11ad up to First over-the-air power measurement solution for 5G and

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  • Clean compliance

    Revista de notícias Nº. 215 - 2016/2Clean complianceOnly approved devices are allowed to emit radiation. All others must be spectrally discreet. A new EMI test receiver checks compliance with limit values in record time.English (PDF, 7 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 7 MB) Artigos desta edição por sessão WirelessTriangular relationshipRED – new radio equipment directive for

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  • Entry class

    Revista de notícias Nº. 217 - 2017/1Entry classLow-cost T&M instruments with top equipment and dataGerman (PDF, 13 MB) Spanish (PDF, 11 MB) French (PDF, 11 MB) English (PDF, 11 MB) Artigos desta edição por sessão WirelessKey technologyWideband amplifier measurements for 5G with up to analysis bandwidthWLAN 802.11ax speeds up communications in multi-user scenariosConnected car, IoT and mobile

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  • IP revolutionizes headends

    Revista de notícias Nº. 207 - 2012/3IP revolutionizes headendsFrom the broadcasting studio to the antenna, Rohde & Schwarz offers a nearly complete range of equipment and systems developed and produced by the company itself. Now one of the few remaining gaps has been closed: Rohde & Schwarz has developed and launched an innovative type of headend which revolutionizes headend architecture: Instead

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  • Performance

    Revista de notícias Nº. 220 - 2018/2PerformanceChallenging applications require top-class T&M instruments. New models combine excellent specifications with a rich feature set and extraordinary ease of operation.English (PDF, 13 MB) German (PDF, 13 MB) French (PDF, 13 MB) Spanish (PDF, 13 MB) Artigos desta edição por sessão WirelessSignaling tests on WLAN 802.11ax devicesPerformance tests on base

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  • Keeping an eye on video quality

    Revista de notícias Nº. 218 - 2017/2Keeping an eye on video qualityBroadcasters and streaming service providers use automatic systems to monitor their transmissions – from the playout center, on the road and in the cloudGerman (PDF, 10 MB) English (PDF, 9 MB) French (PDF, 9 MB) Spanish (PDF, 9 MB) Artigos desta edição por sessão WirelessEnd-to-end assessment of mobile video services

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  • Rohde & Schwarz webinar: What is IEEE 802.11ax, and why is testing more important than ever before

    Apr 13, 2017 | EventRohde & Schwarz webinar: What is IEEE 802.11ax, and why is testing more important than ever beforeSave the date: May 4, 2017Wireless connectivity, which has been successfully implemented all over the world, has gone through some tremendous evolutionary steps. Legacy WLANs have introduced physical layer functionality such as wider bandwidth, MIMO and higher-order modulation

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  • Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing Forum 2017

    Apr 26, 2017 | RadiomonitoringRohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing Forum 2017May 16 to 17 in MunichThe 7th mobile network testing forum, an international mobile network industry event hosted by Rohde & Schwarz, will take place in Munich, Germany, on May 16 and 17, 2017.The forum provides an opportunity for industry professionals to discuss hot topics in the cellular ecosystem and their test and

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  • First HD radio transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz for the USA

    The WYCT representatives are completely satisfied with their new transmitter: (from left to right) Dave Hoxeng (WYCT), Johannes Vogl (Rohde & Schwarz Teisnach) and Briton Smith (WYCT).May 31, 2017 | Broadcast and MediaFirst HD radio transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz for the USAWYCT-FM in Pensacola, Florida, is the first radio station to install an R&S THR9 transmitter with the HD radio option.In

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