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  • R&S®FSV-K7S FM Stereo Measurements (for R&S®FSV-K7)

    Visão geral Key Facts Comprehensive measurement functions for complete FM stereo analysis A variety of audio filters and detectors for standard-compliant measurements Key FactsThe R&S®FSV-K7S option expands the functionality of the R&S®FSV-K7 option by providing measurements on FM stereo transmitters.An integrated stereo decoder measures the frequency deviation of the channels left, right, mono and

  • R&S®FSV Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

    With preamplifier, R&S® FSV-B22 option 1 GHz –162 dBm, –165 dBm typ.   3 GHz –160 dBm, –163 dBm typ.   7 GHz –156 dBm, –159 dBm typ.

  • R&S®FSV-K54 EMI Measurement Application

    Brief DescriptionThe R&S®FSV-K54 EMI measurement application adds EMI diagnostic functionality to the R&S®FSV and R&S®FSVA signal and spectrum analyzer and the R&S®FSVR real-time spectrum analyzer. The R&S®FSV-K54 offers EMI bandwidths for commercial and military applications, detectors such as quasi-peak, CISPR-average and RMS-average, limit lines and correction factors.

  • R&S®FSV-K40 Phase Noise Measurements

    The R&S®FSV-K40 option enables the R&S®FSV and R&S®FSVA to perform fast and easy phase noise measurements in development and production.Equipped with the R&S®FSV-K40 option, the R&S®FSV and R&S®FSVA can measure the single sideband phase noise across a selectable carrier offset frequency range with logarithmic display of the offset range.

  • R&S®FSV-K70 Vector Signal Analysis

    Visão geral Key Facts Flexible modulation analysis from MSK to 64QAM Numerous standard-specific default settings Easy operation with graphical support Key FactsThe R&S®FSV-K70 option enables users to flexibly set the analysis of digitally modulated single carriers down to the bit level.

  • R&S®FSV-K10 GSM/EDGE/EDGE Evolution Analysis

    analysis in line with the 3GPP standard, e.g. calculation of phase/frequency/magnitude error, EVM, I/Q imbalance, spectrum due to modulation and spectrum due to switching transients.It can be installed on any R&S®FSV.Features Convenient analysis due to standard-conforming limit checks Automatic detection and configuration Convenient and comprehensive analysisFeatures & BenefitsAfter configuring the

  • R&S®FSV-K30 Noise Figure and Gain Measurements

    Visão geral Key FactsThe R&S®FSV-K30 option expands the R&S®FSV or R&S®FSVA signal and spectrum analyzer by adding measurement functionality otherwise only provided by special noise measurement analyzers.Key FactsThe R&S®FSV-K30 option expands the R&S®FSV or R&S®FSVA signal and spectrum analyzer by adding measurement functionality otherwise only provided by special noise measurement analyzers.The following

  • R&S®FSV-K91n WLAN IEEE 802.11n Analysis

    The R&S®FSV-K91n application firmware extends the functionality of R&S®FSV-K91 to include spectrum and modulation measurements in accordance with the IEEE 802.11n standard.Features R&S® FSV-K91 WLAN application firmware R&S® FSV-K91n WLAN application firmware Analyzers supporting WLAN measurements features & benefitsExpands the R&S®FSV signal and spectrum analyzer by adding the capability to perform

  • R&S®FSV-K7 Analog Modulation Analysis (AM/FM/φM)

    Visão geral Key Facts Modulation signal versus time Spectrum of the modulation signal (FFT) RF signal power versus time Key FactsThe R&S®FSV-K7 AM/FM/φM measurement demodulator option converts the R&S®FSV or R&S®FSVA into an analog modulation analyzer for amplitude-, frequency- or phase-modulated signals.

  • R&S®FSV-K93 WiMAX™ IEEE 802.16e OFDM/OFDMA Analysis

    Brief DescriptionR&S®FSV-K93 adds WiMAX™ options to the scope of functions provided by the R&S®FSV analyzer. The R&S®FSV-K93 application firmware allows TX measurements on OFDM and OFDMA signals in line with the WiMAX™ IEEE 802.16‑2004 and IEEE 802.16e‑2005 standards.All WiMAX™ measurement applications are fully remote-controllable via the IEC/IEEE bus or LAN, using SCPI commands.

Resultados 1 - 10 de 46
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