Network analysers R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVB and R&S®ZNC - faster to safe application

Short designation: TR322-1E Product Training

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Modern network analysers from Rohde & Schwarz offer an abundance of internal automatic routines alongside precise hardware, in order to relieve the user. The current network analysers, R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVB and R&S®ZNC allow measurements of passive and active, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical measurement objects.

This seminar shows some physical background behind the single functions and shows the optimal operation of the network analysers. With this, it offers new buyers of these network analysers the opportunity to operate the machines themselves, in a minimal amount of time.


  • Network analyser concept
  • Specific characteristics such as directivity, Matching,
  • Measurement of the S parameter according to magnitude and phase,
  • Function and operation with the measurements of passive, active and frequency converting devices.
  • Influence and execution of calibration

Target Group

  • Engineers and technicians, who are looking for a fast introduction into the operation of R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVB and R&S®ZNC.
  • Duration: 1 day

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TR322-1E: Network analysers R&S®ZVA, R&S®ZVB and R&S®ZNC - faster to safe application: (on request.)
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