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RTC1002 - SPI decoding showing MISO and MOSI


How can I setup a SPI bus decoding showing MISO and MOSI at the same time as shown on your webpage of the RTC1002? In the configuration I can just set one data line, CS and clock.


To display both data lines (MOSI and MISO) at the same time the MSO option (RTC-B1) is necessary. The RTC1002 has only two analog channels.

How to do the configuration:

  • Press the “BUS” key
  • Select “Bus 1”
  • For the “Bus type” select “SPI”
  • Then enter the “Configuration” menu
  • Set the channels for “CS” and for “Clk”
  • Then set the channel for one data line, i.e “MISO”
  • Leave the menu for “Bus 1” and enter the menu for “Bus2”
  • Do the same settings for “Bus 2”
  • In the configuration menu set for “CS” and “Clk” the same channels as in “Bus 1”
  • For the remaining data line (ie. MOSI) select another free channel

It is possible to use analog and digital channels in combination.

This is the result: