Technology fundamentals

Technology fundamentals

Passion for technology for nearly a century

More than 85 years ago, Dr. Lothar Rohde and Dr. Hermann Schwarz started in the then still new fields of RF technology and came to be masters of the trade. With their passion for technology and innovation, they established an enterprise and developed it into a global player ranking at the top of the league.

Ever since its foundation, the company has been committed to developing, designing and producing innovative products and solutions all around signal processing, test and measurement, communications and monitoring for a wide range of applications and customer needs – always driven by curiosity and enthusiasm for all aspects related to signals, connectivity and physics.

Dive deeper into the technology behind our solutions and products.

Fundamentals of monitoring receivers

Radiomonitoring receivers are specifically optimized for spectrum monitoring tasks and differ fundamentally from test receivers and spectrum analyzers. Learn more about the special design principles and operating methods of radiomonitoring receivers.

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Fundamentals of direction finding and radiolocation

The task of a radio direction finder is to estimate the direction to an emitter by measuring and evaluating electromagnetic field parameters. Learn more about main classic DF methods, DF antennas or the various methods of radiolocation.

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Fundamentals of signal analysis methods

Communications signal analysis covers online signal surveillance, online signal interception and offline technical signal analysis. It provides strategic information about communications signals of interest and tactical information about transmitted signals in the covered geographical area.

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Fundamentals of antennas for mobile and stationary use

In a world of frequencies, demand for antennas is growing. Antennas can be large and readily identified but they can also be small and unobtrusive or even fully integrated into a product. The one thing they all share is that they need to be optimized for their intended purpose which leads to a vast variety of antennas.

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