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The ATC world is standing before a game changing development in voice communications infrastructure.

There are two key factors driving this change.

  • The Single European Sky and NextGen initiatives from Europe and US have the aim to improve the efficiency and safety of air traffic management. These programs require new communication systems with enhanced functionalities not possible today with legacy systems. Furthermore the interoperabilty between the systems from different ANSP's must be guaranteed. EUROCAE has developed the standards for "VoIP in ATM", which are endorsed by ICAO and are the basis for the future communication systems.
  • Telecom service providers are now phasing out their leased line TDM services

VoIP as a Key ATC Technology

The challenges now facing the ATC world will be met with the increasing use of IP technology. VoIP offers operational functionality and flexibility which would have been unthinkable with the TDM -based systems of the past. It also provides significant financial advantages.


The EUROCAE issued the standard ED-137 which specifies the use of IP for voice communications in ATC environments. This standard was defined jointly between EUROCAE, ATC authorities and ATC equipment manufacturers. Customers that select equipment which meets this standard can be assured that the various system components interoperate properly with one another.

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Topic: Air Traffic Control (ATC/AD)

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