Network monitoring

Network monitoring

Detect network and service instabilities instantly

Monitoring user experience and sending alerts immediately upon detecting network and service instabilities can drastically reduce the negative effect that network problems have on end-user applications.

When voice, data, video and messaging services fail to deliver the expected quality levels, network and service operations centers need to be notified instantly to take prompt action. This is particularly important in critical hotspots such as shopping malls, airports, commercial centers, train stations, highly populated areas, key commuting routes and public transport.

The ability to correlate such alerts with the impact on the quality of experience (QoE) for users is increasingly challenging due to the growing complexity of mobile networks:

  • Constantly evolving technologies in multi-vendor environments
  • Introduction of new technologies such as 5G NR, NB-IoT and LTE-M
  • Continuous capacity expansions via multi-layer networks
  • An increasing number of supported services and devices

To guarantee service continuity data must be collected in a controlled and systematic way. The real end-user perspective can be monitored only with commercially available phones and operator-specific settings.

The Smart platform

To avoid customer complaints and subscriber churn, network operators need solutions that provide immediate visibility of the service quality as perceived by the end user. Moreover, they need to be able to take action before end users notice an issue or are seriously affected by it. They can do this when failure notifications include the technical details necessary to troubleshoot problems and optimize performance at the network level.

The modular Smart platform offers particular testing components for network monitoring. These components can be easily configured for specific use cases and effectively tailored to meet customer needs. For more information, please refer to the product pages below or contact our sales experts via the contact form.

Products for network monitoring

QualiPoc Android - The premium handheld troubleshooter

QualiPoc Android

Software for smartphone-based QoE testing

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R&S SmartMonitor web-based application for real-time service quality monitoring


Software for realtime network monitoring and fleet management

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SmartAnalytics - QoE insights into your mobile network performance


Software suite for QoE data analytics

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Expertise in network monitoring

Test solution guide to maximize network quality & performance

Solution guide: mobile network testing

Discover the right test solution for your needs – maximize network quality and performance.

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Large-scale 24/7 service quality monitoring at CERN

CERN large-scale, 24/7 service quality monitoring

A mobile network designed for CERN’s needs, with a mix of above-ground and underground infrastructure, ensures area-wide communications. To monitor and measure communications services in line with service level agreements (SLA), an extensive network of Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing QualiPoc remote control network probes has been installed below and above ground. Download the case study "Large-scale, 24/7 mobile quality monitoring and service level verification".

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Service quality monitoring

Interactive map explains service quality monitoring

With the provision of robust wireless connectivity to people and machines becoming a critical element, a new way of efficiently and independently monitoring the network 24/7 is required. Service quality monitoring empowers businesses and government organizations to independently verify the performance of their network in real time and 24/7.

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Service quality monitoring and 5G blog post

Service quality monitoring and 5G

Whilst the ITU and 3GPP may still be finalizing the 5G specifications and it is not yet clear there what the 5G network will actually look like, at least we know the 3 target use cases for 5G: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC), and massive machine type communications (mMTC). For operators, monitoring network performance in real time will become essential to meet increased expectations.

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Democratizing network monitoring blog post

Democratizing network monitoring

As services aimed at enterprise and industry verticals increase in number and diversity, growing importance is placed on the ability of those customers to verify that they are receiving the throughputs, latencies, coverage, and capacities they have paid for. Moreover, operators need to demonstrate they are delivering according to their service level agreements and have real-time awareness of network performance issues. A comprehensive service quality monitoring system can help.

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The network never sleeps - 24/7 monitoring blog post

The network never sleeps

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night worrying whether your subscribers, critical staff, emergency services, and remote sensors still had connectivity with the mobile network? Many businesses and organizations rely on wireless connectivity for the security and efficiency of their organizations. They care passionately about connectivity and, with the emergence of IoT and 5G, their number will grow significantly in the future. In this first post of a series, we examine the growing role of service quality monitoring.

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