5G Reduced Capability

Test 5G RedCap with the R&S®CMX500 OBT lite

5G changes how we communicate and fuels digital transformation across different industries and vertical markets. 5G devices have to strike a balance between having the right set of features, being ready for the market and cost. This is particularly true for IoT devices such as smart cameras, wearables and industrial sensors, where it may be desirable or even necessary to limit their functionality to meet specific requirements or constraints.

5G Release 17 introduced a feature that makes this possible: Reduced Capability - or RedCap for short.

Here's how it works:

5G RedCap explained
5G RedCap explained

RedCap benefits

The main benefits of these reduced capabilities are reduced complexity and therefore lower device costs, longer battery life and faster testing.

R&S®CMX500 OBT lite
R&S®CMX500 OBT lite

Easily test RedCap with the R&S®CMX500 OBT lite

The different RedCap network conditions can be tested and simulated with the R&S®CMX500 OBT lite wireless communication tester.
Easily add a RedCap cell from the list of pre-defined networks in CMsquares and immediately test cell barring, bandwidth parts and all other RedCap related features and requirements.
This makes R&S®CMX500 OBT lite the perfect solution for enhancing the performance of 5G devices.

White paper: Reduced capabilities (RedCap)

White paper: Reduced capabilities (RedCap) - A new class of 5G devices

This white paper will provide you with a concise overview of RedCap and describe the impact on the UE design and the operation within a 5G network.

Webinar: RedCap Device Testing Made Easy

Webinar: RedCap Device Testing Made Easy

This webinar will provide an overview of the RedCap technology, market trends, use cases, related test requirements and challenges while developing RedCap devices. A RedCap device testing solution for R&D, conformance, and carrier acceptance based on the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester, as well as a vendor case study, are demonstrated.

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