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Fig. 1: The MultiTX design of the new R&S®TMU9 transmitter makes it possible: Up to six transmitters can be housed in one rack – a space saving of up to 80 % compared to the previously required space. In this example, three transmitters are built in, each delivering an output power of 1.14 kW.
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R&S®TMU9 family of TV transmitters: minimum operating costs – maximum flexibility

Small footprint, short delivery times, low operating costs and maximum availability – these are the qualities most valued by network operators for transmitters used in terrestrial broadcast networks. And all of these qualities are offered by the R&S®Tx9 generation of transmitters, which has now been expanded to include the R&S®TMU9 air-cooled transmitters with power classes between 300 W and 2.85 kW.

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