Generation and analysis of pulsed RF signals

Short designation: TR130-1E RF Measurements


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on request
Peter Lampel
UK - English


Pulsed RF signals are used in many applications: radar, electronic warfare, avionics and high-energy physics. Besides pulsed CW signals, pulses with complex modulation are utilized increasingly, for example in LPI radar systems. Generating such signals in a transmitter, intercepting them and analyzing them in a receiver is a challenging task. ELINT systems must operate in a densely populated spectrum with a multitude of different radar, communications and jamming signals. Simulating, developing and testing these systems places high demands on the test equipment.

This seminar covers the theoretical basics of pulsed signals as well as the practical application of state-of-the-art test equipment. Participants will use the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software and a vector signal generator to simulate complex scenarios realistically in the lab. They will measure modulated pulses and frequency agile transmitters with the pulse and transient analysis functions of a vector signal analyzer. In many practical exercises, participants will systematically perform complex simulation and measurement tasks, learning to use the instruments, the measurement functions and the software efficiently.


Properties of pulsed signals

Generation of pulsed signals in baseband and at RF

Analysis of pulsed signals in time domain and frequency domain

Generation of complex pulse sequences with R&S®Pulse Sequencer

Effects of non-ideal pulse shapes

Interpulse modulation and intrapulse modulation

Pulse compression

Frequency hopping

Simulation of antennas, emitters and interferers

Scenarios with stationary and moving emitters

Synchronization and calibration of multiple signal generators

Target Group

Engineers and technicians in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, avionics and other areas of application for pulsed RF signals

Duration : 2 days

Language: English

Location : Munich

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TR130-1E: Generation and analysis of pulsed RF signals: (on request)
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