Introduction to complex network analysis

Short designation: TR122-1E RF Measurements
07-May-2019 until 07-May-2019
630,00 EUR
Dr. Felix Dobias


Development of advanced, miniaturized RF equipment requires ideally matched passive and active circuits such as filters and amplifiers. Sophisticated and precise T&M technology is indispensable in developing such circuits.

The solution is network analysis. By measuring transmission and reflection parameters (S-parameters) of individual components within a system, network analysis allows to ideally match these parameters, ensuring optimum operation of the system. By using correction methods, high measurement accuracy is achieved.

The seminar provides basic network analysis knowledge. Theory and practical examples will enable you to easily use network analysis to quickly obtain conclusive results.


  • Basic terminology in network analysis
    • Complex impedance
    • Circuit theory
    • Two-ports and S-parameters
  • Setup and functioning of network analyzers
  • Measurement errors and simple correction methods
  • Basic applications
  • Practical examples

Target Group

  • Engineers active in R&D, production and quality assurance, with good RF knowledge, who want to learn the ropes of network analysis.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training Location : Munich
  • Language : English

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Seminar Registration
TR122-1E: Introduction to complex network analysis: 07-May-2019 - 07-May-2019 (Munich)
630,00 EUR

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