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UPP - black screen on web control, no display on monitor


My UPP has been started without a display connected.

When trying to use the built in web interface, I can connect the main page, but get a black screen when trying to access Web Control.

I tried to add a monitor, but here also I get no display at all - how can I control my device?


If you start the UPP (equipped with IPS2) without a monitor connected, the Web Control will display a black screen indeed. This subject can not be solved by changing the unit's firmware, because it's directly dependent to the mainboard type. In some cases it is possible, to reinitiate the display by connecting a monitor later on. Usually the unit must be restarted with a display interconnected to the UPP, before the user is able to use the web tool with it's complete range of functions. However this is not neccesary for most kind of applications.

We recommend either to have the monitor connected to the unit all the time (no need to switch it on, only cabling is sufficient) or to work via Remote Desktop connection. Remote Desktop will offer complete control with minimum effort.

VNC will not work, because it is based on the same principle as the Web Control interface.