USB dongle connected, but ROMES runs only in "Replay mode"


I removed the USB dongle from my PC with ROMES software. Now I connected the dongle again to the PC, but runs only in "Replay mode". How can I solve the problem?


If the dongle works, the LED of the dongle lights up. Microsoft Windows requires that the dongle be registered in the device list. The device list therefore must include the "Aladdin Hardlock Key" and the "Aladdin USB Key".

The following screenshot shows an example with two dongles connected to a Windows PC.

The problem is due to the fact that you connected the dongle before running ROMES. In this case, ROMES comes up with a message box to confirm the "Replay only" mode. If you confirm the replay mode, it is not enough to connect the dongle before running ROMES again. You also have to open the "Preferences" to deactivate the "Replay only" mode.

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