zweiB invests in R&S CLIPSTER for DCI and IMF mastering

Munich-based cinema, event engineering and media and post production specialist, zweiB, has boosted its facilities with the R&S CLIPSTER mastering station from Rohde & Schwarz to use on DCI and IMF mastering

ZweiB invests in R&S CLIPSTER
ZweiB invests in R&S CLIPSTER

The R&S CLIPSTER workstation sets the standard for the mastering and distribution of feature films and TV series. It processes images in realtime up to 4K 120p and offers a wide choice of professional media file formats. Thanks to baseband SDI and integrated tools, R&S CLIPSTER can also be used in various post production workflows. The workstation's key benefits include excellent stability, DCI and IMF mastering, color format conversion to SDR and HDR, and comprehensive codec support. Playback via professional display interfaces is absolutely reliable. Plus, R&S CLIPSTER provides realtime, timeline-based image processing.

For zweiB, R&S CLIPSTER is an essential investment to meet the growing demand for video content with higher resolution and quality. zweiB uses the mastering station primarily for DCP mastering of file formats up to 4K, title insertion, sound and subtitling. Of course, quality control is also part of the picture. In addition, the company takes advantage of R&S CLIPSTER to produce high-grade trailer and teaser DCPs and process them for download.

zweiB benefits from the mastering station's high flexibility provided by the numerous media formats it supports. Films can be edited online and converted to various output formats, allowing previously digitized films to be quickly converted and processed. Last-minute adjustments, such as subtitle changes, are also easy to make.

Posted by Chris Dickinson, technology journalist and ediotr of the Always On blog. November 20, 2018.

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R&S®CLIPSTER is the leading system for mastering and distributing feature films and episodic TV. It is your tool for visual QC, DCP and IMF mastering as well as generic file transcoding.

  • 100 % standard-compliant mastering
  • Standardized (IMF/DCI) and custom file creation
  • Floating point precision

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