Automotive Connectivity V2X Competence

Interested in our whitepaper: Introduction to the vehicle-to-everything communications service V2X feature in 3GPP release 14?

One pillar of modern society is mobility. Conveyance of goods and passengers is essential for a prospering economy. The growing affluence in many developing as well as industrialized countries is becoming apparent through the increase in individual mobility.

The increase in the efficiency of transportation systems achieved through conventional road building often reaches its limits in terms of land consumption and lack of public acceptance. Engineers and scientists are seeking processes and technologies to enhance traffic flow through sophisticated traffic management.

The expectation with the established system, commonly known as the intelligent transportation system (ITS), is to avoid traffic congestion and increase overall traffic efficiency. End-to-end digitization, starting from the single vehicle through all elements of the transportation system from road infrastructure to backend server, provides the general basis for continuous control and management of traffic flow. …Still interested?

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