The Internet of Things

Краткое обозначение: TR108-24E Mobile Communication


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The Internet has always been used for machines to communicate with each other, not just humans communicating with machines. The number of possible applications extended further with the introduction of mobile communications. This machine type communication (MTC) is also called machine to machine communication (M2M) or just Internet of Things (IoT). Many features targeted at IoT have been already standardized up to LTE Release 12.

With the introduction of 3GPP Release 13 MTC was further developed to eMTC – CAT-M1. In addition a new standard dedicated for IoT has been developed which is called narrow band internet of things (NB-IoT / CAT-NB1). NB-IoT is based on LTE Release 13 but with fundamental changes and therefore regarded as new radio access technology.

This seminar explains the specific requirements for an IoT device and the challenges for a mobile communication network supporting IoT devices.

This seminar also explains the technical details of the two solutions, the LTE R13 eMTC and the new R13 Standard NB-IoT.

The participants should be familiar with LTE R8.


  • Applications for Internet of things
  • Requirements for IoT devices
  • Challenges for mobile networks supporting IoT
  • Evolution of IoT within the 3PP releases / standards
  • CAT1 and CAT0
  • eMTC (CAT-M1)
    • Bandwidth reduced low complexity (BL) UEs
    • Physical layer aspects, narrow bands
    • New system information block type 1
    • CE modes A and B
    • Coverage enhancement (UEs in CE)
    • System information
    • Repetition of channels
    • MPDCCH – new DCIs
    • Cross-subframe scheduling
    • Transmission modes
    • Reporting
    • New random access
  • NB-IoT
    • Architecture
    • Physical Operations options
    • Multiple carrier operation
    • The channel raster offset challenge
    • What a NB-IoT device does not support
    • User plane versus control plane solution
    • New NB channels UL/DL
    • New signals UL/DL
    • Broadcasting of system information
    • The resource unit - RU
    • New random access
    • Scheduling and HARQ
    • C-eDRX / I-eDRX
    • Hyper system frame numbering H-SFN
    • Mobility
    • Radio resource control: suspend / resume

Целевая группа

  • Engineers, technicians and managers interested in the latest advances in mobile communications.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Training location: Munich
  • Language: English

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TR108-24E: The Internet of Things: (on request)
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