Mobile communication

Mobile Communication : Bluetooth: Introduction and RF Measurements

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Язык English
Преподаватель Reinhold Krüger
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Краткое обозначение TR208-3E


This seminar offers the participants an overview of Bluetooth, the technology for wireless communication, and the corresponding RF measurement requirements. Bluetooth is a recognised standard for speech and data transmission. Apart from the typical applications of this new technology, for example, wireless connection of a mobile telephone with a terminal, the system architecture of Bluetooth is also introduced.

The participants learn the transmission principles of the air-interface and with that also receive an overview of Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, the fundamental processes such as security measures (Authentication, Ciphering) and establishing a connection are introduced. In the second part the participants will get a detailed introduction to the predefined RF measurements and the necessary test conditions. Practical demonstrations with an Bluetooth RF tester will complete the training.


  • Application fields for Bluetooth
  • System and protocol architecture
  • Basic procedures (eg. Inquiry, connection establishment)
  • Air interface ( frequencies, modulation, time organisation, packet formats)
  • New features in Release 2 + EDR
  • Low energy option
  • Test and measurement procedures
  • Transmitter and receiver measurements
  • Practical demonstrations

Target Group

  • Engineers and technicians working in development, production, quality assurance, sales and maintenance of Bluetooth devices.
  • Duration: 1 day