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All IP and software based multiplexing and encoding solutions for your terrestrial and satellite networks.

Headends for encoding and multiplexing create multiprogram transport streams (MPTS) for media consumers and enable their delivery over terrestrial or satellite networks. See how innovative software based on COTS hardware can produce lasting customer benefits, including sophisticated single-frequency network (SFN) adaption, statistical multiplexing and mixed encoding types, including HEVC for UHD. The security of your critical infrastructure is protected by innovative, forward-looking, software based redundancy architectures, for the protection of your investment.


  • R&S®AVHE100 encoder and multiplexer

    The R&S®AVHE100 is an innovative, software based encoding and multiplexing platform built on commercial off-the-shelf hardware (COTS). It includes encoding for MPEG 2/4 and HEVC, enabling efficient multiplexing for SD, HD and UHD inputs. The redundancy architecture is a fully software architecture.

    • Software based solution running on COTS hardware
    • Multi-codec platform including statistical multiplex supporting different resolutions and codecs
    • Advanced redundancy solutions powered by R&S®CrossFlowIP


  • R&S®AVG050 DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver

    The R&S®AVG050 is a dual demodulator for DVB-S/DVB-S2 equipped with diverse inputs and outputs. The compact unit supports decryption of BISS and DVB simulcrypt using plug-in conditional access modules (CAM) for incoming transport streams.

    • Dual DVB-S/DVB-S2 receivers including two CI slots (CAM)
    • DVB-S2 multistream capability
    • Built-in BISS descrambling

    R&S®AVG050 DVB


  • R&S®AVG050 ISDB-T gateway

    The R&S®AVG050 is a compact BTS gateway with integrated satellite receiver for ISDB-Tb networks.

    • Integrated DVB-S/DVB-S2 receiver including two CI slots (CAM)
    • ASI input for local services
    • TS remultiplexing and BTS output generation

    R&S®AVG050 ISDB-T

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