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  • Highly efficient transmitter networks

    Номер журнала News 204 - 2011/2Highly efficient transmitter networksWith the R&S®THU9 UHF high-power transmitters, Rohde & Schwarz has launched a system that perfectly combines diverse efficiency aspects. Featuring unique efficiency, excellent configurability, market-leading power density and a user-tailored operating concept, this transmitter family redefines efficiency for broadcast transmitters

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  • Keeping an eye on video quality

    Номер журнала News 218 - 2017/2Keeping an eye on video qualityBroadcasters and streaming service providers use automatic systems to monitor their transmissions – from the playout center, on the road and in the cloudGerman (PDF, 10 MB) English (PDF, 9 MB) French (PDF, 9 MB) Spanish (PDF, 9 MB) Статьи этого выпуска по разделу WirelessEnd-to-end assessment of mobile video services General-purpose

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  • Communication with the orbit

    Номер журнала News 219 - 2018/1Communication with the orbitSatellites are indispensable for long-distance communications and broadcasting. New products for planning and operating links support their optimal use.German (PDF, 15 MB) French (PDF, 14 MB) Spanish (PDF, 14 MB) English (PDF, 15 MB) Статьи этого выпуска по разделу WirelessOTA test system for 5G base stationsMeasurements that simulate

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  • Free Webinar: Identifying and Eliminating Interference in Mobile Networks

    Jan 11, 2017 | EventFree Webinar: Identifying and Eliminating Interference in Mobile NetworksWednesday 15th February 09:00 EST (New York), 15:00 CEST (Paris)Interference in the Radio Access Network is ubiquitous and becoming more critical as the deployment of the latest cellular standards bring increased sensitivity and subsequent degradation of network performance.This webinar will examine the

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  • Invasion of radars

    Номер журнала News 213 - 2015/2Invasion of radarsUntil recently, radar systems were a niche technology for the military, meteorology and air and sea navigation. Now they have conquered the wide-base market as indispensable components of automotive engineering.German (PDF, 6 MB) English (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) Статьи этого выпуска по разделу WirelesseMBMS application

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  • Security through technology

    Номер журнала News 216 - 2016/3Security through technologyA new body scanner ensures greater airport security without compromising passenger convenience.English (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 6 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 6 MB) Статьи этого выпуска по разделу WirelessR&S®SMW200A vector signal generator: testing WLAN 802.11ad up to First over-the-air power measurement solution for 5G and

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  • Clean compliance

    Номер журнала News 215 - 2016/2Clean complianceOnly approved devices are allowed to emit radiation. All others must be spectrally discreet. A new EMI test receiver checks compliance with limit values in record time.English (PDF, 7 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) French (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 7 MB) Статьи этого выпуска по разделу WirelessTriangular relationshipRED – new radio equipment directive for

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  • Precise antenna characterization

    Номер журнала News 211 - 2014/2Precise antenna characterizationTest and DF antennas are only as good as the T&M equipment used to characterize them. The new Rohde & Schwarz antenna test chamber makes it possible to characterize antennas under test (AUT) with utmost precision – the prerequisite for creating highly accurate antennas.English (PDF, 7 MB) German (PDF, 7 MB) Spanish (PDF, 7 MB) French (

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  • Focus on AV interfaces

    Номер журнала News 206 - 2012/2Focus on AV interfacesSet-top boxes, tablet PCs, smartphones – all these devices have analog or digital audio/video interfaces such as HDMI and MHL™ that have to undergo numerous interoperability and application tests during development and production. The two new audio/video test platforms from Rohde & Schwarz – one for development and a compact version for

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  • Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing Forum 2017

    Apr 26, 2017 | RadiomonitoringRohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing Forum 2017May 16 to 17 in MunichThe 7th mobile network testing forum, an international mobile network industry event hosted by Rohde & Schwarz, will take place in Munich, Germany, on May 16 and 17, 2017.The forum provides an opportunity for industry professionals to discuss hot topics in the cellular ecosystem and their test and

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