ATC tower communications for airports.

ATC tower and civil airport

The latest generation of stationary ATC radios

Airports all over the world increasingly rely on modern IP based solutions for secure airborne radiocommunications. As a leading innovator, Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive product portfolio to improve air traffic control safety. Thanks to its unique market position, the company is able to offer fully IP based, end to end solutions for airports – from the microphones to the controller working positions to the antennas.

Voice over IP
A product highlight is the innovative, fully voice over IP (VoIP) based R&S®VCS 4G voice communications system for ATC tower communications. The R&S®VCS4G is extremely flexible and can be operated both at individual airports and in a large network. It is possible to integrate other applications such as radar, weather data, text and video transmissions. This considerably increases the situational awareness of air traffic controllers. Thanks to its scalable system concept, the R&S®VCS 4G can be easily and economically extended. Gateways allow the integration of telephony and existing legacy applications.

With its R&S®VCS 4G, Rohde & Schwarz is one of the few manufacturers worldwide to be able to set up virtual control centers (remote towers). Here, multiple towers are linked to each other. This type of distributed, redundant system architecture complies with the European EUROCAE ED-137B standard. Existing resources can be utilized much more flexibly and operated at substantially reduced cost. If one center fails, its tasks can be taken over by a different center. The result is a dramatic improvement in the operational safety of air traffic control (ATC).

DSiT (detection of simultaneous transmissions)
Several thousand software defined radios (SDR) from the R&S®Series4200 family are now in use around the world. Another world first is that these radios can now be equipped with detection of simultaneous transmissions (DSiT). DSiT detects the presence of simultaneous radio transmissions and reports it to the air traffic controller at his/her working position. This prevents dangerous miscommunication scenarios between air traffic controllers and pilots.

Safety and Security
Due to the use of IP technology in air traffic management (ATM), cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. Rohde & Schwarz offers cutting edge solutions for highly secure encryption, firewalls and endpoint security.

The company’s overall expertise for airports is supplemented by solutions for direction finding, interference hunting and state of the art T&M equipment for terrestrial air navigation.

Further applications

Air Navigation Service Provider

IP based ATC communications from Rohde & Schwarz provides the optimum solution to a safe and reliable organization of air traffic.

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Air defense

Air defense requirements are placed on the safety and protection, robustness and interoperability of the ATC systems in use.

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Oil industry

Companies need a communications infrastructure that meets their special operational requirements in the oil industry.

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Voice over IP

Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive portfolio of VoIP based products to meet ATC requirements all around the world.

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Detection of simultaneous transmissions

Software defined radios from Rohde & Schwarz are the market leaders in ATC. The most recent innovation is DSiT.

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Remote tower

Remote tower technology allows towers to be controlled remotely from central locations over distances of thousands of kilometers.

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