Joint radio system of the German Armed Forces

SOVERON® D is a member of the SOVERON® software defined radio family.

The key components of the German MoD programme SVFuA are a multi-channel next generation software defined radio (SDR), the full communications management system and the scalable security layer up to national and NATO SECRET. SOVERON® D manages communication networks from the brigade down to the platoon Ievel, with a special focus on joint and combined missions with multi-level security needs, supporting operations conducted by coalition forces. The system connects the vehicle IT infrastructure with the tactical Control and Command system.

Characteristics and benefits
Network evolution
  • The SOVERON® D radio platform supports legacy and modern waveforms addressing the migration from legacy radio networks towards IP based networks
  • The SOVERON® D system allows migration in small steps with backwards compatibility to legacy radio systems
  • Up to three radio modules in one SOVERON® D system provide a high flexibility for the entire frequency range
  • Each radio channel can load and execute a waveform independently
  • SOVERON® D acts as a central security anchor point for the vehicle network
  • Approved by the German authority BSI including crosscertifications to multinational applications
Future viable
  • Certified for SCA 2.2.2, the SOVERON® D radio platform is prepared for porting future and legacy waveforms
  • SOVERON® D 'software-defined-crypto' platform allows enhancing encryption methods
  • SOVERON® D is built to operate under extreme conditions and complies with military standards
  • SOVERON® D consists of various built-in tests enabling easy operations over the whole lifecycle
SOVERON® D – Two channel configuration
SOVERON® D – Two channel configuration

SOVERON® D – system

Apart from the radio, SOVERON® D further consists of the following system components:

  • Network management system (NMS): System for mission planning offline or online (over the air – OTAx)
  • Security management system (SMS): System for management and distribution for platform software, waveform applications and policies.
  • Application device (AGS): Distribution of operational key material
  • Radio control unit (GB): Local management station for one radio device
  • Service unit (SB): Supports service cycles
  • CIK: Crypto ignition key – physical key to permit classified operations
  • Token: Supports import and export of operation data and authentication of users with SOVERON® D and SMS

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