Ready to Meet Tomorrow’s Interoperability Requirements

Rohde & Schwarz is a leading global provider of interoperable radiocommunications solutions for

  • Joint operations
  • Combined operations
  • Interagency communications

In the type designation of the R&S®M3xR family, M3 stands for multiple capabilities, as the example of the R&S®M3TR shows:

1. Multiband: The R&S®M3TR is multiband-capable, covering the HF, tactical VHF, ATC VHF, maritime VHF and UHF aeronautical frequency bands between 1.5 MHz and 512 MHz.

2. Multimode: The R&S®M3TR enables users to choose from multiple waveforms, including NATO HF House, Have Quick I/II, R&S®SECOM-H, R&S®SECOM-V, R&S®SECOM-P and R&S®SECOS. It can also be softwareupgraded to adapt to changing requirements.

3. Multirole: The R&S®M3TR can be used as a manpack or installed in ground vehicles and ships. Irrespective of its role, it incorporates easily into tactical networks via standard IP interfaces.

The software defi ned design of the R&S®M3xR radios protects existing investments, guards against obsolescence, ensures operational longevity and delivers logistical benefi ts and signifi cant cost savings over the entire product life cycle. The R&S®M3TR already supports more than ten waveforms.

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