Next Generation Networking Waveforms

The fully networked battlefield of the future needs radiocommunications that expand the mobile network infrastructure in order to create a future mission network. This vision can only be realized with fully networked waveforms that support high data rate transmission.

With the launch of the SOVERON® VR software defined tactical radio, Rohde & Schwarz also provides the SOVERON® WAVE for these radios:

SOVERON® WAVE WB (High data rate wideband)

Mobile networked, high data rates, medium range, low jamming immunity – for the best radio system performance in terms of network capability and data rate.

SOVERON® WAVE AJ-WB (High data rate anti-jam wideband)

Mobile networked, medium data rates, higher range, high jamming immunity – a good compromise between security and performance. The all-purpose wideband waveform.

SOVERON® WAVE AJ-NB (High data rate anti-jam narrowband)

Best possible data rate in tactical VHF band, best possible range, high jamming immunity, low spectrum requirements – for uncompromising security and enormous range in the classic 25 kHz VHF band. The network-capable highperformance narrowband waveform.

Data Rate

The volume of data that a radio can transmit in one second. A distinction is made between air data rate, net data rate and user data rate.


How well a waveform supports mobile adhoc networks. Additional data packets are required to configure and update such networks. The higher the network dynamics, the more information will be exchanged. Waveforms with higher data rates have a distinct advantage.

Channel Availability

Carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) processes offer optimal data throughput rates in networks with a low to medium network load. The advantage of timeslot-based access methods is that the transmit time period can be defined. Rohde & Schwarz offers both types of waveforms.


Protecting own transmissions from jamming requires powerful waveforms. Frequency-hopping methods with up to several thousands hops per second ensure smooth radiocommunications even in difficult situations.


Can be a decisive factor in critical situations. Waveforms with the best possible transmission range are required.


Speed, a decisive factor in the success of military operations. Jets in particular need waveforms that can handle the effects on transmission arising from high speed.

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