Communications for All Naval Platforms

For more than 30 years now, Rohde & Schwarz has been equipping naval platforms around the world with complete communications systems. This includes integrated communications systems (ICS) such as the ones used on shore-based stations, aircraft carriers, frigates and submarines. Rohde & Schwarz also fits fast attack craft, patrol vessels and small rigid-hulled inflatable boats with tailored communications solutions.

Small boats are typically equipped with only one radio line for voice and data communications.

Depending on the mission, internal communications are reduced to the basics. Often, the exchange of information is limited to reporting the vessel’s own position and situation.

Large frigates with multiple communications lines, on the other hand, need a digital communications network (DCN) to serve as the backbone for internal and external communications. Radio circuits have to be managed dynamically.


Modern naval communications scenarios are based on large networks at sea and on shore. To accommodate the resulting needs, Rohde & Schwarz provides solutions for shore stations and for land-based communications networks that are fully integrated with radiocommunications at sea.

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