Communications & radar electronic support measures

Naval forces worldwide are facing changes in their mission requirements. Besides the original forms of naval warfare, maritime and littoral forward presence operations in crisis areas have become a challenge. SIGINT and C/R-ESM suites on surface vessels and submarines contribute to the platform’s alertness and efficiently collect valuable information for fleet-wide intelligence.

Rohde & Schwarz offers scalable strategic and tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, available with exchangeable sensor subsystems for either manual or automatic ESM as well as COMINT operations.

The right solution for challenging and complex user requirements can be selected from a wide range of antennas, receivers, direction finders with multichannel signal processing, and analysis units. Combining outstanding RF performance over a very wide frequency range from HF to 26.5 GHz with maximum operational flexibility, our systems are designed to cope with large volumes of simultaneously intercepted radio signals in dense RF environments. The product portfolio contains a complete setup, from single operator packages to multi-operator systems.

Radar communications

The Rohde & Schwarz communications jamming system can be used to selectively jam the most advanced communications systems in the HF / VHF / UHF range. It is available in a variety of customized configurations, and can be integrated into sea-based platforms. The system features a combined wideband detector and exciter, which enables it to jam standard and sophisticated frequency-hopping radio communications systems at high hop rates.

The jamming system can be integrated into a CESM intercept system. The required jamming parameters can be transferred directly from the interception system to the jamming system.

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