R&S®Trusted Gate

R&S®Trusted Gate now also supports highly secure collaboration in Microsoft® Teams with chat encryption

The latest version of R&S Trusted Gate by IT security expert Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now offers chat encryption in Microsoft® Teams. This means that not only shared documents, but also chats and conversations are fully encrypted. Moreover, secure data exchange with external partners can now be started directly from Microsoft® Teams.

Munich, December 16, 2020 - With the increasing number of work in the home office, more and more companies and organizations are relying on Microsoft® Teams for collaboration. However, digital agility comes at the price of sensitive data possibly falling into the wrong hands. Collaborative work in Microsoft® Teams usually involves sharing sensitive information and documents via chat and conversation options. For this reason, IT security expert Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now offers a transparent encryption of all chats and conversations in addition to document encryption, based on modern cryptographic standards. This is particularly important for companies and organizations that operate under high security regulations: with R&S Trusted Gate, collaboration in Microsoft® Teams can be done in compliance with the highest security requirements. In addition, secure data exchange with external partners can be started directly from Microsoft® Teams.

R&S Trusted Gate can easily be setup as an integral part of any data exchange solution. This applies to both the desktop client and the web client of Microsoft® Teams, whether in project channels, chats or conversations. With the multi-level security concept of R&S Trusted Gate, users of Microsoft® Teams can store only unencrypted virtual copies of their data on Microsoft® SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. The original data is encrypted and fragmented and can be stored either in a multi-tier storage system on-premises or in different clouds. The content of the data is thus never made accessible to the platform operator of the public cloud, ensuring the confidentiality of data, which is often required by law.

The R&S Trusted Gate product family from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is a cloud data protection gateway solution implementing a data-centric approach. R&S Trusted Gate can be seamlessly integrated into the storage systems of common public clouds such as Microsoft® Azure, Google, AWS and collaboration tools such as Microsoft® 365 and SharePoint, ensuring maximum security and control when using these platforms. Legal requirements and compliance rules can easily be implemented in global cloud environments as well. R&S Trusted Gate runs transparently in existing applications so that business workflows remain unchanged. A special search function enables a secure full-text search even for encrypted documents. In addition, important functions such as document versioning continue to work without restrictions.

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