Barrier-free access to Browser in the Box

The secure Browser in the Box solution from the IT security experts at Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity now offers a variety of assistive user features. These include a screen reader (read aloud application), high contrast plug-in (contrast adjustment) and a color enhancer (color filter). This means that the browser is now accessible to all users, regardless of any disabilities or the technologies available.

The Chrome version of Browser in the Box is now also available to users in a barrier-free version. A high contrast plug-in (contrast adjustment) allows users to make changes to the contrast settings and display content on the screen in a way that is easier for them to read. The browser's color enhancer (color filter) also allows the color scheme to be adjusted accordingly for people with color blindness. For vision-impaired users, there is also a screen reader that reads aloud the content on the screen. The browser can also be entirely navigated via the keyboard. The barrier-free browser can be selectively installed on individual workstations of disabled company employees.

This means that users with disabilities can now also benefit from the improved usability and additional security features. After all, around 70 percent of malware finds its way onto networks via browsers. To reduce the number of targets, Browser in the Box uses strict separation. The fully virtualized browser has a separate operating system that is hermetically – i.e. on the hardware level – sealed off from all other applications and data. This makes company data invisible to attackers such as ransomware. Viruses, trojans and similar malware remain enclosed in this environment and cannot spread to the computer or local network. Attacks on the Windows host system fail, regardless of the type of attack. If malicious code corrupts the browser, the virtual browser environment simply restarts and is immediately virus free and ready for use. It is even possible to download files and save screenshots or upload information, because the virtual browser environment supports the activation of upload and download permissions for specific persons.

Proactive security systems are becoming increasingly common for critical infrastructures and are considered the standard particularly for government use.

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