Решения в области кибербезопасности для промышленности


Cybersecurity for the industrial sector

Cybersecurity solutions and services for companies across all industries

Increasing connectivity leads to a broader threat landscape. A lack of technical and organisational counter measures inevitably leads to data loss and theft of intellectual property, inside jobs and fraud, manipulation and sabotage. Therefore, cybersecurity becomes a prerequisite for successful digitalization in every industrial sector, including energy, finance, insurance, heath and logistics. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity provides a comprehensive set of sector-specific solutions and services to ensure availabile, reliable and transparent IT systems and networks.

Your Challanges

In a connected world, companies across all industries have to protect business information on endpoints and mobile devices in order to mantain secure and agile workflows at all times. Plus, they have to deliver a safe digital experience to their business partners and customers and make sure their networks are protected against sabotage and espionage at all times. Introducing technical measures is only one part of a comprohensive cybersecurity strategy, which has to include business processes for safe handling of sensitive informations and personal data.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Secure networks against sabotage and espionage.
  • Protect crittical information and intellectual property against data loss and data leaks.
  • Establish secure web services, clouds and collaboration tools.
  • Secure exchange of information across all devices.

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