Excellence in precision solutions of automotive radar

Excellence in precision solutions of automotive radar

T&M applications in automotive radar R&D, validation and production

The increasingly widespread use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) has promoted the development of radar-based sensor systems for automotive applications.

All ADAS applications influence an automobile’s steering and control algorithms and mechanics. This means that every sensor and every process is safety-relevant and has to be comprehensively tested in each of these parts of a product lifecycle.

No matter where your challenge lies, Rohde & Schwarz is your reliable long-term partner with proven solutions to address all of your highly sophisticated requirements:

  • Development of automotive radar sensors
  • Validation and certification of automotive radar sensors
  • High-volume production of automotive radar sensors

Stay tuned for upcoming product solutions


R&S®AREG100A - The new game-changing automotive radar echo generator for reliable production testing

Your production line requires a simple, yet reliable end-of-line test for your sensors? Our echo generator is the ideal solution to maximize throughput.


R&S®QAR – The only way for time-efficient multi-dimensional radome testing

How do you measure and analyze radomes for automotive radar within seconds?

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