ЭМС автомобильного оборудования

Automotive electromagnetic compatibility

EMC and field strength test solutions from the world market leader

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) test instruments and systems determine the causes and effects of electromagnetic interference and ensure compliance with the relevant EMC standard. The EMC test solutions support all relevant commercial, automotive, military and aerospace standards as well as ETSI and FCC standards for radiated spurious emissions and audio breakthrough measurements. EMI debugging helps to save time and money before complex testing in an EMC chamber is carried out.

Your challenges

As vehicles continue to integrate an increasing number of RF standards, radar and high-speed data buses, verifying that unwanted electronics emissions are within specified limits and that cars are immune to disturbances from external sources (TV transmitters, mobile base stations or other electronic car components) is becoming an ever-growing challenge for car manufacturers.

With the increase in electronic devices and wireless technologies, all electronic car components have to meet car manufacturer specifications for EMI and EMS.

As a world market leader with decades of experience in the EMC measurements field, Rohde & Schwarz delivers effective turnkey and custom test systems to perform EMI and EMS measurements in line with all major automotive EMC standards for vehicles and car components. Our exceptional range of EMC test equipment, from standalone instruments to customized turnkey test chambers, help you quickly detect, analyze and solve any EMC problems.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Highly efficient: turnkey solutions for all major standards
  • Flexible: all key instruments available in-house
  • Trustworthy: reference projects all over the world
  • Future-oriented: modular software structure and option concept
  • Time-saving: fully automated failure detection system

For more detailed information, see our flyer "Radio equipment directive for automotive".

Automotive EMC solutions

EMC solution

Identifying sources of unwanted interference and developing solutions ranging from standalone instruments to complete systems.

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EMI debugging

Electromagnetic interference debugging allows designers to quickly locate and analyze EMI problems early on, before debugging in costly test locations.

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Radio equipment directive (RED)

Ensuring compliant testing according to the mandatory ETSI standard radio equipment directive (RED).

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Further information

Analyze interference with the R&S®RTO/R&S®RTE

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Standard compliant and fast EMI testing

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