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Monday, April 7 – Wednesday, April 9
Inside the Rohde & Schwarz Theater – Booth #SL1605

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Improving Broadcast Workflow Efficiency – From Content Ingest to Studio Playout

  • Monday - Wednesday – 10:00am and 2:30pm
  • 20 minutes

Whether eliminating process steps or hardware requirements, improving workflow efficiency can deliver a variety of benefits to any broadcast operation, including increased productivity and cost savings. Join Rohde & Schwarz for a brief discussion of key workflow challenges as well as the technologies necessary to address those challenges and create more efficient workflows.

Presented By: Jim DeFilippis, TMS Consulting

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Technologies for Improving Efficiency in Full-power Broadcast – An Introduction

  • Monday – 12:30pm, Tuesday & Wednesday – 12:30pm and 4:30pm
  • 20 minutes

Full-power transmitters typically require four to five times the energy they require for broadcasting and, at on-air power outputs measured in kilowatts, efficiency improvements in transmitters directly translate to reduced operating costs. Join Rohde & Schwarz for an introduction to energy-conserving technologies, a discussion of the advantages and disadvantage of each, and factors to consider when evaluating new transmitters.

Presented By: Walt Gumbert, Rohde & Schwarz

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