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Test and Measurement

  • Rohde & Schwarz GmbH

    For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications. The electronics group is strategically based on five pillars: test and measurement, broadcast and media, cybersecurity, secure communications, radiomonitoring and radiolocation. The company addresses customers in the mobile radio, wireless, broadcasting, electronics and automotive industries, in aerospace and defense as well as government, security and critical infrastructures.

    Rohde & Schwarz is among the world market leaders in its established business fields. It is the world's leading manufacturer of wireless communications and EMC test and measurement equipment, as well as of broadcasting and T&M equipment for digital terrestrial television.

    As an independent, family-owned company, Rohde & Schwarz generates its growth from its own resources. Since the company does not have to think in quarters, it can plan for the long term.

  • Ametek Prgrammable Power

    Ametek Programmable Power with head quarter in San Diego USA is world leading supplier of programmable AC and DC power supplies and electronic loads.

    Thanks to the excellent technology, the many years of know-how and the extensive portfolio, Ametek Programmable Power now plays a key role in the area of programmable power. The products fulfill the complex and varied demands in T&M, telecommunication, automotive, medical- and laser techniques, semi-conductors and army.

    Ametek Programmable Power comprises the following brands:
    Elgar, Sorensen, California Instruments, Amrel.

  • EMC Partner AG

    Since its foundation in 1994 the company EMC PARTNER AG with its headquarter in Laufen BL is active in the area of EMC-testing.
    The in-house production facility make a range of impulse test generators for electromagnetic immunity, impulse and measurement testing. Development takes place into research for new products and solutions based on customer and standards applications.
    The equipment and systems have a wide range of applications including; industrial and household products, aircraft electronics and telecommunications. Only after testing with products from EMC PARTNER AG is it possible to determine if equipment qualifies for the internationally recognized CE mark.
    Through active participation in the IEC standardization bodies EMC PARTNER plays a leading role in the definition of standards for low-frequency disturbance.

  • Hera Laborsysteme GmbH

    HERA LABORSYSTEME GMBH stands for 40 years of experience.
    Its modular technical furniture and appropriate plug-in equipment is offering plenty of professional applications covering all demands for electric and electronic workstations, security test systems and electric and electronic education and vocational training. Having their own design-, deve-lopment- and manufacturing departments in place, as well as a wide product range HERA meet individual customer requirements and plan and produce optimal furnishings according to the customer’s demand.
    The technical training systems of the “Hera Didact” product line are being used all over the world; specifically in universities, vocational schools, electronic design- and testing facilities in the departments of motor vehicle, sanitary, heating, climate/ventilation, electronics, electrical and automation engineering.

  • Langer EMV-Technik

    LANGER EMV-TECHNIK GMBH is a medium-sized electrotechnical company located in the town of Bannewitz, Germany, near Dresden. Its focus is on research & development and production in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Worldwide demand is particularly the magnetic and electric field probes which enables the developers to open up new product qualities.

  • NF Corporation

    NF CORPORATION was founded in 1959. The company manufactures test and measurement instruments for a wide variety of customers. Its instruments are used in research and development as well as in testing and quality assurance. Its current product portfolio includes signal generators, LCR meters, filters, lock-in amplifiers, frequency response analyzers, AC power supplies, power amplifiers, relay testers and function modules.

  • Spitzenberger + Spies

    SPITZENBERGER + SPIES is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for analogue linear transistor amplifiers, AC/DC current and voltage power supplies for industrial measurement and testing systems.Services extend from single amplifiers for AC and DC mains simulation to complex completely computer controlled testing and measurement systems. Based on our 4-quadrant linear power amplifiers we are able to simulate all supply voltages from DC to several hundred kHz with power up to the megawatt range.

  • Trewmac Systems Pty Ltd

    Primarily home to the popular TE Series of Portable Vector Impedance Analysers, TrewMac manufacture high precision, stand alone, RF analysers with unbeatable value for money and proven reliability.

Software & ICT

  • SwissQual - a Rohde & Schwarz Company

    Rohde & Schwarz is a leading global supplier of mobile network testing solutions. The company’s extensive and diverse product portfolio provides sophisticated, cost-effective test solutions for mobile operators, infrastructure vendors, testing service providers, installation companies and government regulators.

    The products address every test scenario in the network lifecycle – from base station installation to network acceptance and network benchmarking; from optimization and troubleshooting to interference hunting and spectrum analysis; from IP application awareness to QoS and QoE of voice, data, video and app-based services. Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing solutions provide all the hardware, software and resources that the industry needs to efficiently deliver better services with higher quality for customers while enabling suppliers to increase the value of their networks and products.

  • Koch IT

    KOCH IT is a leading, independent provider of customer specific software services and solutions. The company is our software engineering partner for customized and standardized test, measurement and communication systems since 1996.

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