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NGE100 Series Digital I/O Specification


Can you provide some specific information about the NGE100 series digital I/O ports?

  • Are these ports galvanic isolated?
  • Which output port type is it (push/pull or open collector)?
  • How are the input levels (H/L) specified?
  • How can I easily control those ports for testing?


  • The ouput ports are isolated ports.
  • They are push/pull type with 100 Ohm resistor in row. The maximal output current is 50mA (due to the protective resistor).
  • The input levels are specified with VIH >= 2.1V, VIL <= 0.8V
  • Via the front panel set the options under MENU / Interface / Digital I/O. Master and the certain port must be enabled.
NGE100 Series Digital I/O Specification
  • Another way is to use the remote commands described in the manual (e.g. "TRIGger:DIRection:DIO<IO> <arg0>" or "TRIGger[:ENABle]:DIO<IO> <arg0>").