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RTB/RTM/RTA Screenshots on the internal memory


I have saved some important screenshots in /INT/SCREEN path. Now I want to save/copy these data on a USB key or my PC. There is no function available on the oscilloscope to transfer the screenshots. How can I do that?


To get access to the internal memory you have to connect the RTA4004 via USB to a computer. At the RTB / RTM /RTA go to "Setup" --> "Interface" and choose "USB". Very important: then go to "Parameter" and choose "USB MTP" for USB media transfer protocol.

USB MTP for USB media transfer protocol

This does not need any driver installation. When the RTB / RTM / RTA is connected, open the file manager and you will see:

RTB / RTM / RTA file manager

Select the "Internal Storage" and you will find your screenshots in the folder "SCREEN".