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Why is it needed to frequently run backups?


Using ELEKTRA I have found a backup dialog. For daily use, is it needed to run backups using this tool?


The most important aspect is that with a backup you protect ELEKTRA settings and data (Templates, saved Tests, etc.) from loss. By default, during backup all data is transferred to backup path

The "Backup" dialog ('Home' => 'Administration' => 'Data Management' => 'Backup') defines all backup settings. From here you can define automatic time intervals for the backup and the number of backups you would like to keep.


Why is it needed to frequently run backups? Example 1

You can also use the "Create a backup" icon to immediately create a backup of the R&S ELEKTRA database.

Screen 2

Be careful with this, if you also do frequently backups in time intervalls. If the number of created backups has reached the number specified in the field "Keep the last <n> backups", the creation of a new backup immediately deletes the oldest backup file.

The backup is a preventive measure. In case of an incident, it may requires work to recreate lost data. Because of this it is recommended to save a copy of your ELEKTRA database at regular intervals. A backup creates a copy of the actual database on your computer for exactly this version of ELEKTRA you are running. Together with a checksum, everything ends up in a zip-file. If there is a need to do a Restore, you get exactly this previous state of ELEKTRA on the same ELEKTRA version.