WLAN / Wi-Fi webinars

Curious to learn more about the numerous IEEE 802.11 standards? Watch our WLAN webinars to obtain a comprehensive technology overview, to gain insights in latest IEEE 802.11 additions and to discover major upcoming test challenges.


Webinar: Three good reasons to rethink your Wi-Fi 802.11ax test strategy

The webinar provides a glimpse into the upcoming Wi-Fi 6 standard, explains related test requirements and demonstrates the value of a novel approach to testing in signaling mode.


Webinar: Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE

This webinar provides an overview of the Wi-Fi traffic offload in LTE as standardized by 3GPP.


Webinar: Five things to know about WLAN 802.11ax and why testing is more important than ever before

To make the evolution of WLAN understandable, this webinar will present the technological aspects in moving forward from 802.11ac to 802.11ax, current challenges and the resulting motivation to increase efficiency.


Webinar: WLAN 802.11ac - technology introduction and measurement solutions

The webinar provides an overview of the 802.11ac standard and explains its main operating principles and important changes compared with the previous 802.11n standard.


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Webinar: Are you ready for Wi-Fi 6E/7 testing? We are!

Join this webinar to learn about Wi-Fi 6E technology features and regulatory update, get a Wi-Fi 7 technology outlook and discover test solutions for both standards.

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WLAN / Wi-Fi videos

Watch our short videos to gain insights into the latest IEEE 802.11 standards, learn more about their major test challenges and experience comprehensive test solutions.

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Rohde & Schwarz at MWC 2018 - Videos

Didn't make it to the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona? Watch our short videos to discover our latest test and measurement innovations for mobile device and mobile network testing with focus on 5G, LTE-A Pro and IoT we had showcased.

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