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Internet contribution and primary distribution

Reducing operational costs through the power of the Internet

Moving real-time content with high reliability and quality is expensive for all companies working in the broadcast and media arena. Satellite links and dedicated terrestrial networks require significant investment to ensure reliability, quality and sufficient dedicated bandwidth. IP-based networks offer the opportunity to share network capacity between industries and applications, but cost remains an issue. Now Rohde & Schwarz offers IP technology that allows high-quality real-time media contribution and redistribution links over the open unmanaged internet, significantly reducing operational costs. Read on to learn more about how this technology can be used in your application.

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Live events

With the proliferation of real-time media and the democratization of live events, low-cost contribution is becoming more and more critical. Not everyone has the opportunity or budget to work on a premium event with millions of viewers. Using the open internet dramatically reduces the cost of moving media from a sports, music or other live event to a distribution center. Contribution of streams from live events over cost-effective public internet is now possible with high reliability and quality: encoded IP streams can be transmitted securely even over long-distance internet links, from any point in the world to any other point in the world where internet bandwidth is available. Optional SDI or HDMI encoding enables these solutions to work with both legacy and modern IP-based equipment. And by optionally using the same technologies used for OTT media distribution, adaptive bitrate encoding makes it possible to cope with even wider bandwidth variations over multiple open internet hops.

Primary distribution | Rohde & Schwarz

Primary distribution

Primary distribution is the delivery of real-time media from main distribution centers or broadcast centers to regional or other secondary distribution hubs. A key part of the media distribution infrastructure, this component can be in a purchased CDN or between broadcasters themselves. In either case, reliability and quality are paramount due to the frequent contractual requirements between sender and receiver coupled with the importance of live television to a viewing audience. As more and more viewers increasingly consume real-time television as part of their entertainment week, it is crucial to meet expectations. Traditional methods to solve this issue are both complex and costly. Primary distribution no longer requires dedicated fiber or expensive satellite connections. With flexible and cost-effective internet distribution to any number of sites, R&S®RelayCaster changes the economics of primary distribution.

Last mile to teleport | Rohde & Schwarz

First mile and last mile to and from teleports

Satellite media relays are unique in many areas of broadcast and media. If there is no terrestrial infrastructure capable of supporting reliable, high-quality contribution and primary distribution links, then satellite is the only answer. Often, broadcast and media primary or secondary centers are not colocated with the uplink sites. This can force the use of a short, but very costly real-time link between center and dish uplinks. However, broadcasters and uplink stations are often in areas where open public internet is available and, like many other areas, they need to save money at every opportunity. R&S®RelayCaster can bridge the short hop to a satellite uplink by using cost-effective and flexible IP contribution over public internet. At the downlink location, R&S®RelayCaster allows you to extend your network reach by adding another hop to any location reachable by public internet.

Do-it-yourself CDN | Rohde & Schwarz

Do-it-yourself content delivery network (CDN)

CDNs are a significant cost for anyone involved in mass media distribution. It is essential to eliminate costs from the entire solution. The alternative route forward is a do-it-yourself approach to media distribution. Avoiding the costs of dedicated or expensive management links in such an approach will result in a positive business case. From single point-to-point to point-to-multipoint to multipoint-to-multipoint: R&S®RelayCaster allows you to cost-effectively set up your own content delivery network (CDN) and easily scale it using only a public internet infrastructure.

Content aggregation | Rohde & Schwarz

Content aggregation and sublicensing

Content is king, and R&S®RelayCaster makes content aggregation of live streams and redistribution to new customers an attractive business model. Why? Because R&S®RelayCaster offers the full flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the internet with secure and reliable stream contribution and distribution.

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