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  • Rohde & Schwarz presents VNAs with multiport architecture for measurements from 100 kHz to 40 GHz

    accordance with various standards such as USB-C.The R&S ZNBT allows users to perform signal integrity tests in order to check crosstalk or length offset between lines or to detect faults in cables. Depending on the system to be measured, the R&S ZNBT40 is the right choice for measurements in development, service, and especially in production where substantial time and cost savings can be achieved by

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  • Rohde & Schwarz and Marvin Test Solutions create a turnkey production tester for 5G beamforming ICs

    The R&S ZNBT40 is integral part of a new 5G beamforming IC production tester.Jul 09, 2019 | Aerospace & defense test and measurementRohde & Schwarz and Marvin Test Solutions create a turnkey production tester for 5G beamforming ICsT&M companies Rohde & Schwarz and Marvin Test Solutions have cooperated to create a unique turnkey solution suited for beamforming integrated circuits (IC) used in 5G

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  • NEWS 212 / 15

    R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester WLAN traffic offload – bypass for crowded mobile networks ...........10 Test systems W R&S®TS7124 RF shielded boxes Future-ready for development and mass production .........................16 Network analysis W R&S®ZNBT8 network analyzer World champion with 24 ports ..........18 W R&S®ZND network analyzer Cost-efficient analyzer for uni- and

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  • Rohde & Schwarz presents wide variety of T&M solutions at first EuMCE event in Prague

    platform for characterizing active and passive devices.Multiport VNA with high measurement speedThe testing of multiport devices often requires high measurement speed and high dynamic range. The true multiport architecture of the R&S ZNBT vector network analyzer with two independent receivers per test port is the basis for fast and accurate measurement results. The R&S ZNBT is the first multiport

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  • Rohde & Schwarz presents its top-end microwave T&M equipment at EuMW 2018 in Madrid

    & Schwarz is exhibiting its latest T&M solutions for RF and microwave component testing, as well as for applications in A&D, radar and 5G.Speed and high performance are not mutually exclusive when it comes to component tests: the vector network analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz raise the bar for antenna array measurements with the R&S ZNBT multiport network analyzer and for precise characterization of

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  • Rohde & Schwarz at productronica 2017 in Munich: Quality depends on reliable T&M equipment

    in research, service and production. For example, the R&S ZNL can be converted into a 3-in-1 allrounder with the integrated spectrum analysis option and power probes.Other exhibits include a multiport RF component test solution based on the R&S ZNBT multiport vector network analyzer, which supports up to 20 GHz and 24 test ports, as well as the R&S BBA130 twin-band broadband amplifier with

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  • Rohde & Schwarz at EuMW 2017 in Nuremberg: Fully tuned for microwave and millimeterwave testing

    extremely low harmonics. Other exhibits include the innovative multiport microwave component test solution based on the R&S ZNBT multiport vector network analyzer, now up to 24 ports, and with the new multiport calibration solution, which enables recalibration of the test setup without disconnecting the DUT from the test cables. In addition, on-wafer characterization in the millimeterwave range using

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  • NEWS 216 / 16

    analysis R&S®SMW200A First vector signal generator with 2 GHz bandwidth .......................20 Testing WLAN 802.11ad up to 65 GHz .....................................23 Oscilloscopes R&S®RTO Testing MIPI® interfaces with the R&S®RTO oscilloscope .......................26 Network analysis R&S®ZNBT20 network analyzer True multiport vector network analysis up to 20 GHz

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  • NEWS 215 / 16

    tool for stationary or mobile use. New options give it even greater versatil-ity (page 56). Network analysis R&S®ZNB / R&S®ZNBT network analyzers Signal integrity measurements ..........39 Oscilloscopes R&S®RTO2000 oscilloscope Focus on embedded designs ............42 NEWS 215/16 5 6 Modular PXI test solution for automotive electronic control units Modern vehicles feature an entire ar-mada of

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  • equipment, leading to an increase in the number and types of RF measurements required and in the number of ports to be analyzed. FEMs with 16, 20, 23 or more ports are now typical. Vector network analyzers such as the R&S®ZNB with the R&S®ZN-Z84 switch matrix (Fig. 1), or the R&S®ZNBT multi-port vector network analyzer are ideal for these complex RF measurements. The R&S®ZNB supports the MIPI® RFFE

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